Jasper Cashback Mastercard

jasper cashback mastercard
The Jasper Cashback Mastercard will allow you to get cashback without an annual fee.

If you’re old enough in the credit card world, then you probably remember a highly coveted credit card called CreditStacks. And you might have noticed that this unusual credit card suddenly disappeared. Well, actually it didn’t go away, just went through a rebranding and is now Jasper Cashback Mastercard. 

We’ll explain in many details why you might want this credit card, but for some quick information, it has great cashback returns potential! At least if you have a good group of friends that are also looking for the ideal credit card. After all, is there anything better to share than the pleasure of buying while getting some financial returns?

However, it isn’t the perfect credit card just yet. There are some downsides that you can check out below as well. Are you ready to understand everything about the Jasper Cashback Mastercard? 

Then keep reading. We’ll explain the benefits, how the rewards program works and everything else you need to know before getting your own credit card. 

jasper cashback mastercard
Credit Card
Jasper Cashback Mastercard
Up to 6% cashback No annual fee
690-850 Reccomended Score
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How does the Jasper Cashback Mastercard work? 

We can’t describe the Jasper Cashback Mastercard as a credit builder sort, but it’s quite similar. It attempts to allow people with less than stellar credit scores or a limited history to get a simple and easy to use cashback focused card. This way, you can earn rewards and build a better score while making purchases. 

Are you giving up, thinking that this card probably has a low initial limit? Everything depends on your score and overall creditworthiness, but it gives users up to $5.000 in limit. Everything comes with no annual fee to speak of, which is great to save up a little bit and make your credit card more worthwhile. 

But there’s another unique aspect about this card that you should know: one of its main targets are professionals that moved to the USA recently. That’s why you don’t need a credit history to apply or even a social security number. 

Main benefits for the Jasper Cashback Mastercard

For starters, Jasper Cashback Mastercard has a robust rewards program for those that enjoy getting a part of their money back from purchases. It offers up to 6% cashback as long as you follow the rules, which we’ll explain in the next topic. 

Another plus is the lack of annual fees, something quite rare when it comes to cashback credit cards. Other advantages of including this product in your wallet are: 

  • At least 1% cashback on all purchases;
  • Up to $5.000 credit limit according to your creditworthiness; 
  • You don’t need a credit history to apply; 
  • No security deposit requirement, even for those who lack a history; 
  • Unlimited cashback, you don’t earn rewards only from certain categories;
  • Simple access to your account through the app; 
  • Receive cashback as a statement credit monthly. 

As you can see, everything is very practical when it comes to this credit card. Unlike other similar rewards cards, you don’t have to spend always on the same categories or exchange points with selected partners. So all you have to do is get your approval and start buying, sounds like a good deal, right? 

Another advantage of getting the Jasper Cashback Mastercard is being able to build your credit history. It reports to all three major bureaus in the US, thus giving you an advantage for a better score. 

How does the rewards program work

Here comes the tricky part that might make you want to give up. To be eligible for the max 6% cashback (which is a lot, especially for a card with no annual fee), you’ll have to recommend 5 friends. Everyone that signs up to the card gets you an extra 1% cashback on all purchases and you can do that five times. 

The cashback is unlimited and you’ll get it as a monthly statement credit after the first three months of timely payments. But be aware that slipping up on payments might make you lose your benefits since it’s only available for those whose accounts are in good standing. 

Your Jasper Cashback Mastercard rewards don’t expire. So feel free to get as much cashback together as you’d like and use it on your next big purchase.  

Rewards potential for the Jasper Cashback Mastercard

Everything depends on how much you spend on credit cards a year. If you manage to refer five friends with success, then you’ll be looking at more than $1.000 in return as cashback. For big spenders on credit cards the number can become even bigger. But remember that you shouldn’t spend without responsibility. 

Not only will you lose your benefits if you forget to pay your balance, but the data will be reported to the credit reporting bureaus. Which means that this card can help you build a better score quickly or lose it. 

Cons for the Jasper Cashback Mastercard

There are certainly some problems when it comes to the Jasper Cashback Mastercard, starting with the rewards programs itself. We don’t doubt that many people will be successful in introducing their friends to a card with no annual fee and some cashback to boot. But it’ll probably be hard to get those 6% max cashback. 

If we’re realistic, you’ll probably be able to get 1% to 3% in rewards. And the friends you manage to get to use the card will only give you extra rewards for 12 months or 12 billing cycles. So you’ll have to do everything again year after year, which can be quite tiring and maybe even impossible. 

Knowing that, this might be an unsustainable credit card to keep in the long run. Maybe you can start off using Jasper Cashback Mastercard to build your score further before moving to a more complete option. 

Rates and fees for the Jasper Cashback Mastercard

The Jasper Cashback Mastercard is a card that’s quite light on fees. You’ll have to pay: 

  • No annual fee;
  • 15.74% – 25.24% variable APR; 
  • No balance transfer fee; 
  • $0 foreign transaction fee. 

As we mentioned before, this is a good starting point if you’d like cashback without the necessary history for other cards. But we recommend you do the most to get the max 6% rewards in the first year and later attempt to apply to other, more robust rewards card.

How to apply for this credit card

You can apply easily by using the Jasper Cashback official website. All that you must do for the preapproval process is fill out a form with personal data that the financial services provider will use. Unlike other cards that approve you within minutes, it might take a few days to get an answer.

jasper cashback mastercard
Credit Card
Jasper Cashback Mastercard
Up to 6% cashback No annual fee
690-850 Reccomended Score
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