Secured Sable ONE Credit Card

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Secured Sable One Credit Card

However, that is not the case with Secured Sable ONE Credit Card, a card that is considered one of the best options for people wishing to get a better score.

This is a rare case of a secured credit card that allows you to quickly build your score and also includes cashback and rewards.

Understand everything, including fees, credit limit and application process by reading further.

secured sable credit card
Credit Card
Sable one credit card
build credit No foreign fee
Cashback and rewards
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How does Secured Sable ONE Credit Card work?

Mostly, Secured Sable ONE Credit Card works like any other secured card would. You open an account and make a security deposit. Choose this amount wisely, since your limit will be equivalent. Sable ONE has no minimum deposit and you can pay up to $10.000. 

Even if you don’t have much to get started with a high limit there’s no need to worry. You can get a limit increase in just a few months. There is also the possibility of getting an upgrade to an unsecured credit card over the next six months. 

Sable ONE doesn’t only help you build better credit scores, it also gives some cashback and rewards programs. 

Overall benefits for Secured Sable ONE Credit card

Secured Sable ONE Credit Card is one of the best options of secured credit cards for poor credit score holders. Not only does it have no minimum deposit, it also allows you to get benefits and cashback. Understand everything below: 

  • 2% cashback on chosen retailers; 
  • 1% cashback on all purchases;
  • Purchase protections; 
  • No foreign transaction fee;
  • Auto rental insurance benefits; 
  • Possibility of upgrading to unsecured card within 4 months; 
  • No annual fee;
  • $0 minimum security deposit;
  • Non-US citizens don’t need a social security number to apply.

There are some more benefits that you’ll understand up ahead. Sable ONE Credit Card claims to allow for the fastest upgrade to an unsecured card in the USA. Which means even more advantages, since at the moment of the upgrade you’ll get your security deposit back. 

About Coastal Community bank 

The Coastal Community bank is a financial company that has existed since 1997. Its objective is to offer the best online banking services to the whole community. As such, it works with loans and financial services for all types of local businesses, as well as personal finances services. 

If you’re wondering whether Sable ONE is a safe bet for a credit card, here’s your answer: you don’t have to worry. It is operated by a traditional and trustworthy bank that has operated in the USA and other countries for more than a couple of decades. 

Coals Community Bank is also known for its great customer service that should help you out every step of the way. 

Cashback and rewards with Secured Sable ONE Credit Card

The cashback program is one of the greatest attention grabbers with Secure Sable ONE Credit Card. Anyone who buys with this card can get 2% cashback when making purchases with the following companies and stores: 

  • Amazon;
  • Spotify;
  • Netflix;
  • Uber;
  • Uber Eats;
  • Hulu;
  • Whole Foods.

Even someone who doesn’t shop at any of these stores or has a subscription to one of them can get some advantages. The credit card also offers 1% cashback on all purchases. While this may seem like much, most secured cards don’t offer this kind of perk at all. 

You can also insure your cell phone with Sable ONE to protect it in case it gets stolen or damaged in a fall. That’s possible for anyone whose phone bill is charged to their credit card. The same happens with rental car insurance, which is available when you use this option to pay for it. 

Getting Secured Sable ONE with no social security number

Newcomers to the USA might not have a social security number yet, which means some hardships in their financial lives. Don’t worry, Sable ONE has you covered since its application can also happen without this document. 

However, if you do have a social security number you are obligated to inform it so the company can check your personal data. Users that want to apply for the card must also inform a home residential address to which the car will be sent. 

Those who do not have such a number or US citizenship must inform: 

  • Passport number and copy; 
  • US visa;
  • US residential address. 

Building credit history with the credit card

This card’s specialty is building credit history, which is great for anyone that just arrived in the US and doesn’t have a social security number yet. It also helps people whose financial lives aren’t all that balanced and are currently trying to fix their bad scores. 

Because of that, the card reports to all three bureaus and claims to help users build credit three times faster than the competition. To help you keep making timely payments even with a bad memory, the mobile app allows you to set up automatic payment for your card balance. 

If that isn’t your cup of tea, it’s possible to get reminders as payment dates come closer. 

Can you get a higher credit limit over time?

Yes and in quite a short amount of time actually.

Secured Sable ONE credit card allows users to get a limit review in as little as four months.

After the first six months it’s also possible to ask for an unsecured credit card if you keep making timely payments and holding a small balance. 

There are some milestones that the company uses to know when someone is ready to get a new and unsecured card, such as: 

  • On time payments every month since the start of the billing cycles; 
  • At least $250 in transactions monthly; 
  • Credit limit of $500 or more for the last four months;
  • More than 15 transactions monthly for the credit card;
  • At least $500 payroll direct deposits every month for the last four months. 

Application for Secured Sable ONE Credit Card

Secured Sable ONE Credit card has a fast application method through its website. You can open an account by giving some personal information in less than five minutes. As soon as you’re approved you’ll also get access to an online version of the card that you can use while waiting for the physical one. 

How to apply for a Secured Sable ONE Credit Card?

Secured Sable ONE Credit Card has a straightforward and simple method for application. All you have to do is input some personal information on their website and wait for confirmation of approval. As soon as that happens you’ll have access to your account and a virtual version of your brand new credit card. 

secured sable credit card
Credit Card
Sable one credit card
build credit No foreign fee
Cashback and rewards
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