Auto Credit Express offers the option to buy a new car without seeing your score

Partnerships with lenders that allow co-signers and co-borrowers.

Sometimes our dreams in life require a certain extra hand to finally get out. This usually means a little more money than we currently have in savings. A personal loan can definitely help, whether you want to consolidate credit card debt or even make a big purchase. They offer the opportunity to get much needed extra cash at low interest rates.

Auto Credit Express tries to make things much simpler through its quick approval system, without looking at your credit history or score. In this case, when making the initial application for this loan, the lender will offer various car loan options for good, bad or no credit situations, with financing from $3,000 to $45,000 and anywhere for a used, new car or rented.

If Auto Credit Express finds a particular dealer who can provide a loan, it will send the applicant a confirmation email with a “check application status” login and dealership contact information.

Advantages of using the Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express can help you get the finance you need for many purposes and there are a few more perks. But there are some other pros, including:

  • Low payment requirements
  • Minimum qualification requirements
  • Willing to work with people with lower credit scores
  • New car purchase option
  • Option to buy used cars
  • Refinancing — traditional automatic refinancing and cash-out

Cons of using the Auto Credit Express

Certainly Auto Credit Express is not perfect. To begin, It is worth noting that loans arranged through a subprime lender or buy here, pay here dealer usually have higher rates.

In addition, the buyer can only shop at the Auto Credit Express dealer network, something boring, where the network’s lenders can make a credit inquiry.

How to Apply

To get started, you need to fill in the online loan application form. After applying, you can find out if you qualify within 24 hours. Auto Credit Express may match you with a new or used car dealer or lender in your area, based on the information you provide.

If there is a match, you will receive a call from a dealership in your area to choose a car, provide the necessary documents and finalize the process.

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Auto Credit Express
Low payment requirements Minimum qualification requirements
Willing to work with people with lower credit scores
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