Best Egg Personal loan has a minimum 5,99% APR

best egg personal loan
Best Egg Personal Loan has some flexible options that you might want to check out.

Sometimes, our dreams in life require a certain extra hand to get off at last. That usually means some more money than we currently have in savings. A personal loan can certainly help, either for those who wish to consolidate credit card debt or even make a big purchase. They offer the opportunity to get that much needed extra cash at low interest rates. 

Best Egg Personal Loan attempts to make things much simpler through their fast approval system. While this might not be the cheapest loan service in the US, you could get some advantages out of it that make up for a few fees. 

Certainly, everything depends on how your credit score is going these days. If you currently have a good or excellent score, then this might be a good choice for you. The APR can go as low as 5,99%! 

Understand how Best Egg Personal Loan works, its main advantages, fees and payment terms below before you apply.

How does Best Egg Personal Loan work

Best Egg Personal Loan is one of the many digital lending services that you’ll come across on your research. The company advertises its main advantage as offering loans to those who have at least a 600 credit score, reasonably low. 

But we warn you beforehand: to have access to the best APR around, you must have at least a 700 score. Otherwise, you could end up paying 35,99% interest rate, the highest tier the financial services provider works with. 

The minimum loan is $2.000 for most estates, which gives you the perfect opportunity to pay off small credit card debts. You might also want to use this personal loan for: 

  • Home improvement;
  • Taxes;
  • Travel and special occasions; 
  • Baby expenses;
  • Moving expenses;
  • Debt consolidation. 

Advantages of using Best Egg Personal Loan

The Best Egg Personal Loan is quite flexible, check out some of its advantages below: 

  • Direct payment options for credit card consolidation;
  • Available for a variety of uses (more than with most loans);
  • Loan funding happens in one to three business days;
  • No prepayment penalty;
  • Flexible due dates;
  • Free FICO score access.

Payment terms and fees for this loan service

As is the case with any personal loan, you must be careful with the following fees and payment terms: 

  • From 5,99% to 29,99%, which can go up to $35,99% according to credit history, loan amount and payment term; 
  • 0,99% to 5,99% origination fees, if you’re applying for loan terms of four years or more, the fee is at least 4,99%;
  • $15 returned payment fee.

The application is simple and can happen using Best Egg’s official website or phone service. 

best egg personal loan
Credit Card
Best Egg Personal Loan
Minimum $2.000 loan 5,99% – 35,99% APR
Minimum 600 credit score
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