Discover Personal Loan is a good choice for those with excellent scores

discover personal loans
Discover Personal Loans offers flexible $2.500 to $35.000 loans.

Personal loans can be a complex sea to navigate. They often involve bureaucratic and slow approval processes that make it seem like forever before you actually get access to the money. That’s why Discover is becoming the go to option for people with good or excellent credit scores who are looking for personal loan choices. 

It offers small or big loans and you can use the amount for almost anything. One great perk of this choice is the consolidation loan, that sends cash directly to creditors. This way, you can start paying a low interest personal loan instead of high interest credit card balances or other debts. 

You can also use this choice for home improvements, advance payments on your new car or other. We just recommend you do your research properly and choose an objective for this money before applying. After all, this might become a monthly expense for the next 84 months. 

Would you like to know more about the Discover Personal Loan? Keep reading to find out advantages, terms and fees for this option. 

How does Discover Personal Loan work?

The Discover Personal Loan is a product aimed at people with good or excellent credit scores. It offers quick approval and a wide variety of payment options for the client to choose from. Check out some of its perks and advantages: 

  • $0 origination fee;
  • Plenty of repayment term options; 
  • Direct payment to creditors when you apply for a consolidation loan; 
  • Easy loan management with the mobile app; 
  • Loan available one business day after approval; 
  • Long maximum repayment term; 
  • Great customer satisfaction ratings. 

Combine these pros with the flexibility of payment terms, you might find one of the best personal loan options for you. 

Terms and fees for the Discover Personal Loan

It’s important to understand the terms, fees and regulations for the this personal loan: 

  • Loan amount: from $2.500 to $35.000;
  • Payment terms: 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 months; 
  • 5,99% to 24,99% fixed interest rates. Everything depends on your credit score, the higher it is, the lower the APR;
  • $39 late payment fee;
  • 30 day money back guarantee (except for consolidation loans). 

How to apply? 

You can apply quickly using the Discover Personal Loan. The approval comes in the same day and the money will be available within the next business day.

discover personal loans
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Discover Personal Loan
No origination fee $2.500 to $35.000 loan
720 min. credit score
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