LendingClub Personal Loan gives you up to $40.000 in loans

lendingclub personal loan
You can get a loan without an excellent score through LendingClub Personal Loan.

Are you looking for a personal loan, despite having a fair credit score? Then you’ve already realized that this won’t be the easiest of tasks. After all, some of the best lenders only accept clients with excellent scores, which is also the reason they offer such low interest rates. That’s why the LendingClub Personal Loan might be such a great choice. 

It offers almost anyone the chance to get their personal loan and start accomplishing their dreams. This can happen either through a good score or by using a co-borrower, which isn’t accepted in some similar financial services providers. 

You can also get up to $40.000 in loans with 60 months payment terms. This isn’t the best out of every financial service, but it’s enough for most people that would like to make an investment in their financial lives. 

Are you ready to understand how LendingClub works and how to apply? Keep reading to get the full picture. 

How does LendingClub Personal Loan work? 

LendingClub Personal Loan isn’t actually a single lending service. It’s a sort of marketplace for lending-seekers and investors that might be able to fund them. So instead of trying your chances with a single provider, you’ll be able to give your information and check if there’s a match. 

Because of this variety of loan sources, the LendingClub can become a flexible choice for most people. It also accepts co-borrowers, which helps those with poor scores to get a shot at finding a perfect loan as well. 

Bottom line, this isn’t the cheapest lending service you’ll find on the web, but it’s very democratic. After all, most people can find a way to get a loan if they meet the minimum requirements. 

Advantages of using LendingClub Personal Loan

Some pros of the LendingClub Personal Loan include: 

  • Minimum $1.000 loan, maximum $40.000;
  • Qualify with fair to excellent credit scores;
  • Fast funding once you’re approved;
  • No application fees;
  • Check interest rates without harming your score.

Cons, interest rates and fees

The greatest problem with the LendingClub Personal Loan is the fact that it charges a few fees that might bother some users. Check fees and payment terms below: 

  • Up to 60 months payment term; 
  • Minimum 600 credit score to apply;
  • 1% to 6% origination fee;
  • 6,34% to 35,89% APR depending on your credit score;
  • Fees for late payment after the 15 days grace period. 

If you’d like to apply, there are a few steps before getting an approval. At first, LendingClub doesn’t run a score check at all, all you have to do is provide some basic information to find out how much you can lend and interest rates that will apply. Afterwards, you must fill out a more detailed form, at which point the company makes a soft check to get your approval.

lendingclub personal loan
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LendingClub Personal Loan
Up to $40.000 loan Fast funding
Minimum 600 credit score
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