Lightstream Personal Loan gives you up to 12 years to pay off debts

lightstream personal loans
Lightstream Personal Loan is flexible and has no fees to speak of.

Those who are looking for a personal loan usually find some options that might even offer good interest rates, but nothing that could help when it comes to payment terms. If a debt is paid in a short period of time, even with low rates, the monthly installments end up high. That’s why some users end up looking for Lightstream Personal Loan. 

Getting a personal loan is a very delicate process and it’s important to understand everything about the service you hire beforehand. Finding a lender that offers a combination of low interest rates and long payment terms is almost like a dream. Maybe, Lightstream could be the solution!

We want to help you make the best decision about your personal loan. That’s why we brought some important details about this service provider. Keep reading to understand how Lightstream Personal Loan works, payment terms and fees as well as some tips to get your approval. 

How does Lightstream Personal Loan work? 

Lightstream Personal Loan is a part of the SunTrust Bank family focused on personal loans and other services for individuals. Its main objective is to offer fast and affordable financial services for users, including loans that get an approval on the same day. 

This is a service that helps people who wish to apply with a co-signer, would like to refinance some of their current debts, such as automobiles, RVs, boats and other big purchases. It’s also great to consolidate credit card debt, which has high interest rates. 

You can also get a high loan limit to make such purchases. Lightstream Personal Loan goes up to $100.000 at interesting rates for those who wish to make home repairs or pay off medical bills. 

This is a simple to use online loan platform. You can both monitor your application and track your loan once it’s approved through the lender. 

Advantages of using Lightstream Personal Loan

Since Lightstream is quite flexible, there are plenty of pros that we can list here:

  • No origination, prepayment or late fees;
  • Possibility of applying with a co-borrower;
  • Up to 0,5% in discount for those who use autopay; 
  • Low and competitive rates;
  • Fast approval and funding; 
  • Wide window of repayment terms; 
  • Extended loan terms for home improvement projects;
  • Rate beat program, Lightstream will cover the interest rates from competitors; 
  • Experience guarantee, which means that users who have had their loans for 30 days or less and are unhappy with the service can get a $100 bonus. 

Payment terms and fees

There aren’t any fees related to Lightstream Personal Loan. Actually, all that you have to worry about is choosing the right loan size for you, which can go from $5.000 to $100.000, and watch out for the interest rates. These go from 3,99% to 19,99% according to your credit score and payment term.

lightstream personal loans
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Lightstream Personal Loan
No fees 3,99% – 19,99% APR
660 min. credit score
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