Upgrade Personal Loan

With Upgrade, you can get a rate quote and view your loan options by filling out a prequalification form.

Sometimes our dreams in life require a certain extra hand to finally come out. That usually means a little more money than we currently have in savings.

A personal loan can certainly help, whether it’s to consolidate credit card debt or even to make a big purchase. They offer the opportunity to get some much-needed extra cash at low interest rates. In this case, Upgrade Personal Loan is the best option for those looking for attractive personal loan options, with up to 84 months and good limits to put in your pocket.

Upgrade offers personal loans to borrowers in every state except Iowa, West Virginia and Washington, DC. In addition, it is worth noting that loans range in value from $1,000 to $50,000 and are funded within 24 hours.

Upgrading is a good option for people who need money quickly, but it gets a little difficult when it comes to the fee portions-where there are origination fees ranging from 2.9% to 8%, and borrowers can face high annual percentage rates (APR).

Pros and Cons for Upgrade Personal Loans

Upgrade Personal Loan can help you get the financing you need for a variety of purposes and with a few more advantages. For starters, most of their loans have very affordable and lower rates due to the short repayment period. Check out some other pros below:

  • Various rate discounts
  • Allows joint applications
  • Secured and pooled loans
  • Low minimum loan amounts
  • No pre-payment penalty fees
  • Offers direct payment to third-party lenders
  • Mobile application to manage loan payments
  • Long repayment terms on home improvement loans

Cons for Upgrade Personal Loans

Certainly Upgrade Personal Loan is not perfect. For starters, they charge a high origination fee that can go from 1.85% and as high as 8% – all of which can be taken by the lender out of the total loan amount before you even receive the funds, reducing the total loan amount.

Another point is that there is no ability to choose the payment date of the loan, as the lender assigns you a fixed payment date with no right to change it – unlike many other lenders who allow borrowers to choose a payment date that is ideal for them.

Requirements for Upgrade Personal Loans

To apply for an Upgrade personal loan, you must be:

  • Average annual income: $80,000
  • Minimum credit score of 560
  • At least 18 years old in most states
  • Able to provide a valid email address
  • Able to provide a verifiable bank account
  • Minimum credit history time of two years
  • A US citizen or permanent resident, or living in the US on a valid visa

How to Apply

The Upgrade Personal Loan qualification process actually begins with an online form that you must fill out with some personal information on their website.

You will need to take your documents, scan them, and submit them, awaiting a response from the bank. In less than 48 hours you will have a positive or negative result.

Credit Card
Upgrade Personal Loan
Fixed APR 7.46-35.97% Minimum credit score of 560
Apply for loans from $1,000 – $50,000
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