African Bank Loans is great for people with low credit scores

Get an interest rate (APR) from 15% to 24.50% with African Bank Loans

Modern life sometimes makes it impossible for people to maintain an excellent credit score, no matter how much you earn. That’s why applying for this type of loan may seem a little different to you. But rest assured, the score is still worth it if you are someone who really needs a personal loan.

You have certainly heard of African Bank, after all, they have been in the financial world since 1975. They pioneered making a difference in people’s lives by living for the disadvantaged in South African communities.

One of their products, African Bank Loans, has become the best option for people looking for attractive, short-term personal loan options with good limits to put in their pocket. One of the main points is that people with debts or a bad credit score can apply for credit at African Bank Loans.

Likewise, anyone who wants to do any event, shop, travel, take a vacation, can also do so with African Bank Loans. It offers you the opportunity to borrow money at low rates, very quickly, with good options for terms and repayments – between 7 and 72 months.

Advantages of using the African Bank Loans

African Bank Loans is very flexible, check out some of its amazing advantages below :

  • Fixed reimbursement
  • Personal Loans of up to R350,000
  • Bank safely from the comfort of your home
  • Apply for a loan wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Enjoy the online banking or the African Bank App
  • Take a break from paying off qualified loans
  • As a category A consumer, you are covered
  • If you are a Category B Consumer, you are only covered for Death

Requirements for the African Bank Loans

To apply for a loan through the African bank are quite simple. You need to be over 18 years old and have some minimum monthly income, having to demonstrate a three-month bank statement, along with three consecutive salary deposits.

In addition, you will also have to provide proof of residence that is no more than three months old. Finally, it is important to say that the African bank may perform a credit assessment on your loan application. This will check your credit profile and credit rating before providing loan approval.

How to Apply

There are three ways to apply for African Bank Loans:

  1. Over the phone
  2. By visiting your nearest African Bank branch
  3. By applying online at

After you apply for a loan, African Bank will review all your information. If everything is verified, the loan will be paid into the specified bank account.

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African Bank Loans
Fixed reimbursement Win with flexible refund terms
Personal Loans of up to R350,000
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