Everything you need to get a personal loan at Bank of Sydney

Can you imagine finding a bank that understands your needs and thinks about the customer’s demands? Thus, know that the Bank of Sydney has designed products and services that will surprise you. So, if you need to finance a property or invest in a business, this bank can help you with the appropriate personal loan.

Let’s start by talking about its services. There are three types you can hire: visa debit card, digital wallets, and online banking. The first service is a debit card that is accepted worldwide and has no overseas ATM fees. Besides, you also have online security for purchases guaranteed by VerifiedbyVisa.

The second service is the digital wallets that have many features, such as the possibility to store multiple types of cards in one place, including Visa Debit Card, and to be accepted at most major retailers. Finally, the online banking service allows you to easily access your account and carry out all the transactions you need.

Which products are offered by the Bank of Sydney?

There are four types of products that you can have from this bank. Check out what each one can provide you.

Home loans

The first product, home loans, has an annual rate ranging from 2.84% p.a. to 4.84% p.a., and three options for you to choose from: expect more home loan, BOS basic home loan, and home equity maximizer.

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Investment home loans

This product helps you to develop your business in the best way. It has an annual rate ranging from 3.20% p.a. to 5.21% p.a., and three options for you to choose from: expect more investment home loan, BOS basic investment home loan, and investment home equity maximizer.

Transaction and saving accounts

To manage your finances the most efficient way, in this bank you have access to several options to choose to do: BOS saver account, everyday saver, student savings account, retirement account, and foreign currency transaction account. Check out the bank’s website for a complete description.

Term deposits

This product gives you back a satisfying return concerning your saving goals. With rates that go up to 0.65% p.a., here you will also find three product options to choose from: online term deposit, personal term deposit, and foreign currency term deposit.

We recommend that you choose the best product and service option and contact the Bank of Sydney. There you will find the personal loan you need and much more.

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