Credit card for poor credit score: the best ones you can find

With enough research, you’ll find out that there are some low score credit cards available in the market. Since we’re here to help, we did that research for you and found the best options in 2022 for people with credit limitations. 

How hard is it to get credit card for poor credit score? 

Many companies don’t approve of credit card for poor credit score for a simple reason: the score is what financial firms use to measure how much they can trust a consumer. Since many events can affect one’s credit score, the lower it is, the higher the chance someone will default on their payments. 

For that reason, banks and other issuers would rather keep their reward rich credit cards for people with better numbers. In the bank’s view, this public is a more reliable investment, those that have a strong payment history. 

best credit card for poor credit score


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With all of that said, it isn’t impossible to get a good credit card. You just have to find the right option for your financial profile. 

Tips before choosing credit card for people with bad credit

Even though it’s possible to get a credit card despite your score, you have to be careful. The right card will help you boost your score as long as you use (and pay it) right. On the other hand, the wrong one might get you deeper into debt with high interest rates and no benefits at all. 

That’s why you must be careful with your choice. Check out some tips below that will help you on this financial journey. 

1. Careful with interest rates on low score credit cards

Interest rates on low score credit cards will never be great. As we established before, this number indicates to the bank that you’ve either had financial problems or are still starting your credit life. 

Because of that, this investment is more of a risk and banks will offer cards at a higher interest rate. Not only that, but these cards often have a lower initial credit limit. Which doesn’t mean you have to settle, research a lot to find the best rates possible. 

That is the best way to keep yourself from a really bad deal that could lead to worse debt. 

2. Choose credit building credit card for poor credit score

There is a special kind of credit card that’s considered credit building. These firms report their clients’ financial information to all three of the U.S.’ leading scoring companies monthly. Which means that you get a chance to improve your scores quickly by making purchases and keeping payments on adequate dates. 

If you’re looking to improve your credit score in the foreseeable future, these are great choices. They can help you get ready for loans and other investments you might plan to make in the future. 

For those who haven’t started on their financial journey yet, some firms offer student credit cards. These are also great for people with scoring problems and can help you build on your numbers. 

3. Check the fees for opening an account

Some contracts have a hidden problem: fees for account opening. Perhaps the credit card deal sounds good, but when you’re approved and finally get to start you have to pay a certain amount. While fees are common, you can also look for a better deal. 

Always compare fees among different cards to find the one that fits you best. Combining this information with interest rates you can understand exactly how much a card will cost. After a good research it will come time to choose the best option. 

4. Find out about credit limit increases over time

A credit card for poor credit score will usually start with a small limit. Each financial firm has its own numbers, which could be as low as US$300. You might find it too low at the start, but you’ll find many credit cards offer the option to double your limit after a few months. 

So we have a tip: consider interest rates, fees and time to double or increase your limit. There isn’t a pattern for this time, a few cards allow you to do that in as little as six months (as long as payments happen on date), while you might have to wait 12 months for others. 

Best credit card for poor credit score

Here we are with the answer you’ve all been waiting for: what is the best credit card for poor credit score? It isn’t so simple and you must consider your personal necessities. For some people what matters most is the absence of fees, for others a credit builder card is absolutely important. 

When you have bad credit not everything is lost and you still have the ability to choose. Which means research is still incredibly important to get as close as possible to the perfect card. Check below some of the options available for people whose scores aren’t as great. 

1. Revvi Card

This is a credit card with online and secure application. Once you fill in the form you’ll get a quick response on whether you’ve been approved or not. One of the main advantages of contracting Revvi Card’s service is being able to get cashback on most purchases, you can get up to 1% cashback on payments with the card. 

When you keep monthly payments and card use below the limit, this card can help you build a better score over the months. Considering perfect credit is not one of the requirements for approval, you’re set to go. 

Another bonus on this card: if you enjoy personalized designs, there’s a possibility of getting a few premium ones with a small fee. 

2. Merrick Bank Double Your Line™ Platinum Visa® Credit Card

You can find out if you’re pre-approved for this card in just a few minutes. The best part is: pre-approval doesn’t affect your credit score at all. Credit lines options will vary according to score, but they go from US$500 to US$1.350, at least at the start. 

After the first 7 months of payment on time you’ll be allowed to double your credit line, from US$1000 to US$2.700. Paying correctly is a bonus not only to get more credit, but also to build your credit. After all, this issuer reports to all three major credit companies. 

Considering that, the app offers autopay and payment reminders that help you stay on track. 

3. Net First Platinum

Are you looking for your first card? This is the perfect choice, since there’s no employment or credit check before approval. Just sign up and you’ll get instant approval to start buying with a US$750 limit. 

This is also a credit building card. So keep your payments on track to make sure your score will get healthier over time. 

4. Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® Card

You can find out if you’re approved to use this card in less than 60 seconds. It’s a great idea for people who are still coming to terms with their financial lives and might experience some slips along the way. There are no penalty fees in case you miss or delay payments, however, we recommend you try no to. Since this is a credit builder card, it reports to all three firms we’ve mentioned before. 

For that, it sends automatic email reminders. So you can get a better score and shop with credit for as long as you might want. 

5. Mission Lane Visa® Credit Card

Don’t worry when you want to discover if this is the card for you, you can check approval quickly without any harm coming to your score. After just six months of payment there’s a chance of getting a better limit for purchases. Another advantage of paying on time: there’s no interest on purchases paid in full. 

Best credit card for limited credit score

So you want to build credit, but a good credit card is hard to come by and getting loans right now would imply skyhigh interests. The better choices for these cases are cards that don’t require a perfect score and allow you to build credit. After a few months using them, you’ll be able to look for options with better rewards and cashback programs, but first focus on getting your score straight. 

1. Walmart MoneyCard®

Are you a Walmart shopper? This option gives you a 3% cashback on purchases on their site, 2% at their fuel station and 1% at stores. There are fees involved with this card, we won’t lie, but there’s a possibility of waiving them with monthly payments on time. 

2. Oportun® Visa® Credit Card

There is a quick response application that can get you up to US$1.000 credit in the first try. No need to worry about security deposits or credit checks, there won’t be any. It’s ideal to start your credit history or build a better one from the ground up. 

3. First Access Visa® Card

With quick approval you can get a credit card with manageable monthly payments and fixed APR rates. Worried about missing the deadlines? No problem, you won’t get a penalty fee, but the info will be reported to the three financial bureaus responsible for your credit score. So be a little careful with that!

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