Bright Money helps you pay off credit card debt

We know that juggling multiple credit cards at once can be a tricky situation. Eventually, you might forget to pay off a balance or end up with too much to pay for. That’s alright, everyone’s been there and knows that it might seem like a pit without an exit, but it isn’t. 

There are many formulas and tricks to get rid of credit card debt in as little time as possible. But sometimes just applying a formula on your own doesn’t really work. You might need special assistance, and that’s where Bright Money comes in. 

Would you like to know how this AI based app works and how it will help you get rid of debt? Keep reading to find out everything you need about the Bright Money app and who should start using it right away. 

How does Bright Money work?

Are you someone who holds multiple credit cards and somehow ends up with debts in several of them? Don’t worry, it happens a lot more often than you think and that’s where Bright Money comes in to help you. This is a money management app with the main objective of helping you pay off credit card debt. 

With that in mind, the app was created using sophisticated AI to design the ideal pay-off plan for its users. While you use Bright Money you should learn better ways to deal with your finances and get everything in order. 

We can assure you that Bright is a more complete financial management app than most of its counterparts. It even has a free version for you to test out its features without a time limit. If you’d like to give a go at the paid subscription, it’s also worth a go for a few reasons we’ll describe further ahead.

On the way, you should earn better credit scores overall. Are you ready to start your journey towards better scores, less debt and a lot more control over your financial life? We’ll explain in detail for whom this app works and its main features. 

What is a money management app? 

The best versions of money management apps are supposed to help you with your finances. More specifically, their main, sometimes only, objective is to get you in touch with your finances and start organizing them. They shouldn’t be a crutch that people use all of the time, but a learning resource for those who wish to get a better understanding of their finances. 

Often, debt doesn’t come from a lack of money itself, but from some bad choices that keep you living from paycheck to paycheck. That’s where the money management app comes in: teaching you how to make better choices. 

You can even use these types of apps for other objectives that aren’t paying off debt. They can be very useful for saving up some cash and creating your security fund. Through detailed information and sometimes targeted AI suggestions, you’ll understand your income and how to make it work for your financial needs. 

Some other options check your bank accounts and transaction history to find out how you’re spending and the best way to cut costs. 

How to find out if you need Bright Money?

You certainly need Bright Money if your credit card debt is piling up without much hope at the end of the tunnel. But there are some people who aren’t yet that far into debt that might make good use of Bright!

If you have trouble keeping track of your money and where you spend it, this is a great idea. For those who aren’t into debt, Bright Money can work as a conventional budgeting app, which helps you track your finances and avoid problems further on. This means that you won’t have to carry a pen and paper all day to see what you’re buying and how that impacts your income. 

That way, you can create better financial goals and make sure you achieve them over time. Using this app, you’ll get valuable insights that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise. After all, it’s hard to understand how your money is escaping through your fingers without seeing the full picture. 

Once you can see clearly how you’re spending your money, everything gets easier. 

Is Bright Money safe?

Bright Money uses a lot of information from your credit cards and banks, which could put you on high alert. How can you be sure this app and AI won’t be used to get you into a fraud scheme? Don’t worry, the app is quite safe and developers went to great lengths to guarantee that. 

It uses 256-bit encryption, also known as one of the safest encryption types in the world. Just as a comparison, it’s the same type of security that most banks use on their apps. This way, even if third-parties manage to hack into your account, your data will remain encrypted and safe. 

There’s also 24/7 customer support to help you with any doubt or problem that might come up. Users are quite satisfied with this app, which currently has a 4,8 score on Apple Store. 

How does the Bright Money AI work?

Let’s get into details to find out how the Bright Money helps people get rid of their debt and achieve financial goals. Actually, that’s exactly  how everything starts with Bright, you choose your main objective, which can be either:

  • Paying off your debts from credit cards;
  • Improve your credit score over time; 
  • Savings goals, like getting enough money for a vacation. 

Afterwards, you’ll have to connect your checking account to the app so that it can start working with your data. But that isn’t all: the app will transfer small amounts, that you can determine, to your Bright Stash. Slowly, the app uses that money to achieve your goals. 

Is there a risk of ending up with no money in your checking account because of using Bright? Not really, since the app works with an AI that reacts to changes in your account. 

Can you use Bright Money to start saving?

Here’s another advantage of using Bright Money: it can help you save up by stashing money into a savings account of sorts. When you keep money into the Bright Stash you’ll even get some interest out of it. 

It’ll help you keep saving up money by making regular additions to your stash. This way, you’ll be able to start investing or save up some more. There are a few ways to spend money using Bright, such as: 

  • Allowing the Bright AI to make automatic transfers from your checking account into your Stash; 
  • Setting regular transfers yourself, making sure you stop avoiding savings; 
  • Letting the Bright AI transfer money from your account every payday; 
  • Transferring some extra cash to your Bright account as you see the possibility for savings. 

Benefits of using this app with your credit cards

The main advantage is using the Bright Money app as a way to get rid of credit card debt and achieve a better financial situation. As you pay your balances or make strategic transfers, this will also mean some improvements on your credit score over time. 

When you’re in debt everything seems like the end of the world, but it isn’t. And if you have trouble keeping control of your money and sticking to goals, then this is certainly the app for you. Because it doesn’t only tell you how to pay off debt, it actually plays an active part in managing your money by setting some aside for your obligations. 

You can even choose one of the following debt payment methods: 

  • Snowball method: paying off from the lowest to highest balances;
  • Avalanche method: pays off from highest to lowest interest rates;
  • Customizable: you can choose which balances you’d like to pay off first. 

Cons for using this app

Certainly, there are some problems with the Bright Money app and it has mostly to do with cost. This is a paid app and, though there are tiers to how much you’ll pay, there is always the choice of adopting the debt paying methods on your own without any extra cost. 

You’ll get 10 days free to try out the app, but afterwards there’s a $14,99 fee for anyone that wishes to keep going. However, if you think that’s still worth it, then feel free to sign up using Bright Money’s official website. That is your first step towards financial recovery and even a better credit score. Get rid of credit card debt with a little push from a helpful AI.

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