Amazon Credit Card

Amazon Prime Card
Amazon Prime Card

Exclusive to Amazon Prime customers, it offers more than enough perks to compete with the best credit cards, including an impressive 5% return on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases. See everything the card has to offer and some other options in our Amazon Prime Visa membership card review.

Credit Card
Amazon Credit Card
5% cash back No annual fee
you can get a $100 Amazon Gift Card for Prime Rewards
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Best Amazon Prime Benefits

Refund of up to 5%:This card offers an unlimited 5% refund on purchases at Amazon and Whole Foods as long as you maintain your Amazon Prime membership. It also earns 2% in restaurants, gas stations and drugstores and 1% in other specialized purchases.

Rewards are earned as points worth $0.01 each. You can use your points for purchases on Amazon or redeem them for a refund.

 $70 Instant Gift Card: The card offers a $70 value instant gift card upon approval.

While there are more lucrative deals among the best sign-up bonuses, this Amazon credit card still offers a respectable amount back. It’s also good that you get the bonus after approval and don’t have to meet any spending requirements.

No annual fee:the Amazon Prime Visa membership card is packed with features, especially since there is no annual fee. To be fair, you’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to get the card, which costs $119 annually.

No overseas transaction fee:Take this card abroad with confidence. The card does not charge an overseas transaction fee, while other cards generally charge a 3% overseas transaction fee.

Consumer and travel protection: This card offers several protections that can come in handy if something goes wrong or a purchase is made while traveling.

When traveling, the Amazon Prime Visa Signature Card covers baggage delays, baggage loss and travel accidents. On the consumer protection side, the card offers purchase protection, extended warranty protection and car rental insurance.

Current sign-up bonus

Currently, you can get a $100 Amazon Gift Card just for Prime Rewards Visa card approval, which shouldn’t be overlooked for an instant free bonus. But the action has been bigger lately.

Prior to the first of last June, the Amazon Prime Visa Signature Card updated its introductory offer following approval of a $150 Amazon Gift Card.

This fits right in with the limited-time rewards offer. Which was topped up by more than 10% for select products on Prime Day. Which could make the initial phase before Prime Day the best time to sign up for an Amazon Prime Card Visa. Granted, the bonus gift card previously weighed less than $70. But waiting for Prime Day can add extra value to your purse if you’re not in a hurry.

The $100 Gift Card value is below the minimum value for many of the sign-up bonuses we typically see. Which are typically between $150 and $200 without annual fee cards.

However, there’s no spending requirement on Amazon’s standard credit offer – you get the bonus instantly – and many loyalty cards don’t offer sign-up bonuses.

As for retail cards, the bonus is a good plus as it can cover nearly the $119 annual cost of an Amazon Prime subscription for the first year.

While not a sign-up bonus, there is traditionally a Whole card alternative art as well as Foods Market available to new cardholders as of January 22, 2021.

Existing cardholders can also change the card design if they want to show their full loyalty to food.

Reward plan

Regular Amazon shoppers can easily earn a variety of rewards with the Prime Card. With one of the most lucrative plans to shop on Amazon. All you have to do is spend $2,380 a year to reclaim your Prime membership – or about $199 a month.

How to win

Shopping at Amazon .com and Whole Foods Market offer unlimited 5% rewards. Plus, you’ll earn 2% on restaurants, gas stations and drugstores, plus 1% on all other purchases.

Since the 5 percent category also applies to Whole Foods Market. This is also one of the best prices for food rewards when you can shop there.

Amazon and Chase occasionally offer additional ways to earn rewards. Amazon regularly publishes exclusive Prime cardholder offers for a limited time. Which offer a 10 to 25 percent return on select items.


 Although the prize terms seem to be getting your money back, you are actually earning points.

You can redeem your points 1: for cashback, travel, gift cards or Amazon purchases at the cashier.

There’s no minimum balance to redeem for cashback or Amazon purchases, but there’s a long, disappointing list of things you can’t buy with points. Many of these items are small purchases that you would likely use Points more often, such as: B. Music, Kindle, and video downloads. Depending on how you spend your points, reimbursement may be the most flexible option.

Amazon Prime Card Credit Score

The Visa Amazon Prime membership card is intended for consumers with adequate or good credit ratings. A FICO® score of 640 or higher is recommended, although there have been reports of candidates with lower scores passing.

This credit card is ideal for you

If you always shop at Amazon and buy groceries from Whole Foods, the Amazon Prime Visa Membership Card will fit you like a glove.

5% Cashback is a benefit you only see on the best cashback cards, and these almost always have spending limits on the amount of cashback bonus you can earn. This card is an exception to this rule as the 5% fee applies regardless of how much you spend.


  •  5% back on and Whole Foods Market.
  • 2% back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores.
  •  1% back on all other purchases.

Rewards are given in the form of points worth one cent each. They can be redeemed for qualifying purchases with no minimum redemption requirement.

You can also redeem points via Chase to receive cashback, either as a bank statement credit or as a deposit into a suitable checking or savings account, also without a minimum requirement.

Other redemption options include travel and gift cards. Please note that points earned with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card cannot be combined with Chase Ultimate Rewards® points.

Foreign transaction fees: none.

Other services:

Travel Insurance: Travel Accident Insurance, Lost Bag Refunds, Delayed Baggage Insurance, Travel & Emergency Assistance, Car Rental, Fully Comprehensive Insurance, Breakdown Assistance.

Purchase protection: Extended warranty, purchase protection.

More: Visa Signature concierge service and access to hotel reservations from the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel collection.

Reward flexibility

The only thing more fun than earning rewards is redeeming them, and your earnings on your Amazon Prime Rewards Visa membership card can be used in many different ways (not always the case with branded credit cards). Use rewards on your next Amazon purchase or redeem them through Chase to purchase gift cards, book travel, or receive cash back. Each of the points is worth a penny no matter how you use them.

Packed with extras

Even if you’re covering the longest distance from bed to couch, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Membership Card comes with juicy Visa Membership perks that almost anyone can benefit from. Serious online shoppers can take advantage of the qualifying item warranty and purchase protection.

And for frequent travelers, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card requires no international transaction fees, making it ideal for international use. Domestic and international travelers can benefit from included coverage for fully comprehensive car rental insurance, travel and baggage insurance, and emergency assistance.

Credit Card
Amazon Credit Card
5% cash back No annual fee
you can get a $100 Amazon Gift Card for Prime Rewards
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