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As well as a generous 3% fee for purchases of gasoline and public transport. Although superstores and deposit clubs are excluded.

They say cash is king and the preferred American Express Blue Cash card is the king of cashback.

The card’s generous earning rates in popular spending categories — like 6% refund at US grocery stores up to $6,000 a year on purchases. Trump many other refund cards on the market. Terms and conditions apply.

Although the card charges an annual fee from the second year onwards. You can easily compensate by making purchases in bonus categories. Let’s look at the various reasons you might need this AmEx credit card.

Credit Card
Blue Cash Credit Card
0% APR Earn $300 credit
Receive 6% cashback on purchases
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Blue Cash Credit Card Benefits

Cashback rewards, especially in supermarkets and streaming services: This card offers the best cashback rewards rate for groceries and streaming services in our database. It currently offers a 6% refund at US supermarkets on expenses of up to $6,000 a year. And on select services such as Hulu, Netflix and SiriusXM.

Unique offer for new cardholders: The unique offer is one of the most generous available today and should be relatively easy to access. New cardholders can get $300 credit on their bank statement after spending $3,000 on purchases with their new card in the first 6 months.

0% introductory APR for purchases:During the first 12 months of membership, all purchases made with this card have an APR of 0%. This can be useful to finance an important purchase and pay for it before the end of the introductory phase. The APR rises from 13.99% to 23.99% – a typical fluctuation – after the first year.

Detailed Blue Cash Credit Card Benefits

This card offers a 6% refund in US supermarkets, up to a maximum of $6,000; 6% refund on most US audio and video streaming services and 3% refund on transportation and gas costs. All other purchases receive 1% cashback rewards.

All streaming service purchases must be on American Express’s approved list to qualify for Cashback Rewards. The list is extensive and covers most or all of the major streaming audio services (Spotify, Audible, Apple Music) and online videos (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now).

Online cable alternatives (Sling TV, YouTube TV, DirectTV now) are also included, such as SiriusXM service, online or via satellite. In particular, it does not include the service charged through the main cable or satellite television services.

Public transport includes taxis, rides, ferries, tolls, parking, buses and subways. Airfare, car rental and cruises are non-refundable expenses.

How to redeem the benefits

Cash Back Rewards are received in the form of Dollar Rewards which can be redeemed on a bank statement when they total $25 or more.

Blue cash card information

  • Annuity Fee Exemption in Year One and Year Two, pay only $95 fee;
  • Take advantage of free welcome fees when using Plan It for large installment purchases. Earn interest rate waivers for the first 12 months of card usage. Thereafter, the monthly fee will be up to 1.33% over the purchase amount on a new plan based on the APR, which would apply to purchases in other ways;
  • Free Initial APR in the first 12 months on purchases made from the date of opening the account, after this period the variable rate is between 13.99% and 23.99%;
  • Receive 6% cashback on purchases made in supermarkets in the United States. With up to six thousand reais per year on purchases, and receive 6% cashback on US streaming subscriptions;
  • Receive 3% refund at US gas and transportation stations, whether taxis, rides, parking lots, tolls, buses and others;
  • Receive 1% cashback on other purchases;
  • Cashback is sent to the user in reward dollar, which can be redeemed as a credit on the card statement.

Who is the Blue Cash Credit Card for?

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred card is best for those who buy groceries at traditional supermarkets, or those who have a heavy subscription to streaming services, or both. Purchases in these categories come with an unrivaled 6% premium rate.

For example, if you hit your $6,000 limit on purchases, you’ll earn $360 in cashback – more than three times the $95 annual fee. Spend $50 a month on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify , HBO Now and ESPN+ can bring in an additional $36 in cashback each year.

The card is also a good choice for travelers as they get 3% discount on gas and public transport purchases.

On this card the average amount a family spends on gasoline . Which according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $1,568 in 2020, you will get back $47 in cash. If you’re a public transit passenger, you can earn about $25 a year in cashback. If you spend an average of $70 a month on transit passes.

Preferential credit with Blue Cash

Earn $300 credit on your bank statement after spending $3,000 on purchases with your new card in the first 6 months.

The reward comes in the form of a credit on the bank statement, released eight to twelve weeks after the $3,000 spending threshold is reached.

This is a relatively small expense for a relatively high reward. In fact, the one-time offer represents a net return of more than 10% on the card’s initial expenses. In net terms for the year.

Our calculation will subtract the $95 annual card fee from the net premium. But it doesn’t take into account the additional $10 to $60 you would earn cash over three months for required expenses, or the ongoing cashback you could even earn. Use the card for the rest of the year.

In comparison, other cards come with spending requirements of up to $3,000, but usually with cash rewards of up to $150 or $200. Other cards have the unique point offer, which is a possibility. reward less direct than the account balance you earn with the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card, which is basically money in your pocket.


There are relatively few fees associated with this card, and the ones it charges meet industry standards. For international travelers, however, this 2.7% fee for international transactions contrasts with the lack of such a fee on some cards, including many for travelers.


This card’s high rate of rewards across the main categories of this card – groceries, streaming services. Local transit and gasoline – makes it a standout card for everyday use, as opposed to cards whose most generous rewards lie in the travel or entertainment space.

Also a good choice for consumers who want a double cash bonus and the 12 month introductory 0% APR gives you the opportunity to finance a large purchase over the course of a year and earn rewards at the same time.

Combining this card with a high flat rate cashback reward card can make it an even better choice.

The Citi Double Cash Card, for example, pays an unlimited 1% up-front on purchase and then an additional 1% on payment. This basically means a 2% refund on all purchases. Which makes this card a great choice when you’re paying for everything else. There is also no annual fee or limit for purchasing double cash prizes.

While the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card is a good choice for cash back rewards. It may not be the best choice for frequent travel, especially if they are outside the United States.

There is a 2.7% international transaction fee and does not incur the higher money-back fees for travel purchases and other perks with travel cards that are more traveler focused.

How to apply for the Blue Cash card

To request the American Express Blue Cash Card is simple, just access the American Express website and fill in the requested information, which will be:

  • Full name;
  • Name it as you want it on the card;
  • Date of birth;
  • Phone number;
  • Home address;
  • Social Security number;
  • Total annual income;
  • Non-taxable Annual Income (optional);
  • Source of income.

Once completed, simply accept the terms and wait for American Express to return.

Credit Card
Blue Cash Credit Card
0% APR Earn $300 credit
Receive 6% cashback on purchases
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