Cleo Credit Builder: Grow Your Credit!

The Cleo Credit Builder comes with a financial advisory app that helps you build credit scores over time.

Are you among the thousands of people who have bad credit scores? That could happen for many reasons, such as getting into debt after failing to pay some dues or even never having used credit services before. That’s more common than you think and has some simple solutions, such as the Cleo Credit Builder. 

Credit builder cards are already quite popular in the US since they help you get better scores over time while making purchases. Everything depends on responsible use, but the results could be great. After only a few months of using this card, you might be eligible for a new, unsecured option or even better choices of loans. 

Since we’re talking about responsible use, this is something that the Cleo Credit Builder is all about. It focuses on your score by not allowing you to overspend. After all, this is a secured choice that won’t let you use more than your security deposit. We’ll explain everything in detail later, but it’s important to know that your initial credit limit won’t be too high, which is actually good for a start. 

Are you ready to find out everything about the Cleo Credit Builder? We’ll explain how this secured card works, its main advantages as well as some problems that could come with its use. 

cleo credit builder card
Credit Card
Cleo Credit Card
Up to 7% cash back Reports to 1 bureaus
No credit score needed
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How does Cleo Credit Builder work? 

Don’t be fooled by the cool and interactive website and different language, the Cleo Credit Builder Card is indeed a secured option. But quite a different take on it that aims to help you build up your score better and faster. For some people it’ll be a blessing and for others it’ll be a curse, that’s why you should read this review until the end to find out more details. 

For starters, this credit card is a great idea for anyone that enjoys controlling their finances on digital apps. It comes complete with a virtual money assistance to allow you to make clever financial decisions and solve your doubts quickly. 

Here’s another highlight that will certainly interest you: there is even a rewards program of sorts for those who enjoy purchasing and getting some cash back. 

But the Cleo AI bot that comes along with the app is the shining jewel of the crown. It helps you make responsible decisions whenever you decide to make a purchase. This is a smart way to avoid buying on impulse and going through your spending limit. 

What is a secured credit card?

Remember that the Cleo Credit Builder is a secured card. Which means that you’ll have to make a deposit in a Cleo account. This amount will become your credit limit and you can use it freely or make further deposits in the next few months. 

Some people aren’t really fond of the secured credit card way. After all, it seems like a lot to make a deposit that equals the amount of your limit. Isn’t it a waste of money? Not really, since this is a secured deposit and you’ll get it back once you upgrade to an unsecured card or close your account with interest and corrections. 

Does that mean you can use this as a sort of savings account? Not really. When you put money in your savings it will earn you a bit more and in different ways. We explain a lot about high yield savings accounts here if you’re interested. 

Why is Cleo Credit Builder different from other secured cards?

For starters, you’ll have to pay one quite heavy fee when you start with the Cleo Credit Builder. But we’ll talk about the details of that soon enough. Other than that, this is an incredibly flexible credit card. 

If you’d like to start using the Cleo Credit Builder there’s no need for a minimum security deposit. Just choose whatever amount you’re comfortable with, remembering that this is also your limit, and make your account. 

There are even some rewards opportunities for those who choose to use this card through cash back on partner shops and brands. 

Main advantages of using Cleo Credit Builder

The Cleo Credit Builder is here to help you build a better score. So don’t expect that much when it comes to rewards and perks. Check out some of the advantages of using this card: 

  • No credit score required for approval; 
  • Flexible credit limit, you can increase it over time;
  • Account status gets reported to one credit bureau;
  • No interest rates or fees for this card;
  • Don’t need a minimum security deposit; 
  • It’s a charge card, so you won’t be able to hold a balance;
  • Rewards and cash back if you manage to spend on partner retailers. 

Once you get the Cleo Credit Builder you’ll have access to the Daily Cash program. You’ll have some challenges based on where you shop more often. Try and include a wide variety of retailers that are included in this program to get your cash back, which can be redeemed for discounts later on. 

You can also use this feature with the click through ads you find in the Cleo app. These stores offer up to 7% cash back for online purchases that you make using the credit card. Whenever you get some money back, the amount gets transferred to your Cleo wallet, where they don’t ever expire. 

Cons for the Cleo Credit Builder

The greatest set back for the Cleo Credit Builder is its only fee: a $150 annual fee that you pay in monthly installments. It’s a lot higher than most conventional unsecured cards for poor credit scores and could be a problem for you. Remember that most other secured cards don’t even have a fee at all. 

There is also another problem, it only reports to one credit bureau. If you’d like to get your score back on track fast, you might want to find some options that report to all three of them. 

Other than that, this is an excellent choice for anyone that’s new to credit and would like expert tips for responsible spending. If you’d like advice from a finance AI, this is your go to choice. Apply using Cleo’s official website. 

The next step is up to you

Transform your credit journey with the Cleo Credit Builder card. Designed to help you build and improve your credit score, this card offers the perfect combination of financial control and growth.

No more worrying about high fees or hidden charges—just straightforward benefits that put you on the path to financial success. Ready to take the next step toward a brighter financial future?

Click the button below to apply for the Cleo Credit Builder card today and start building your credit with confidence.

cleo credit builder card
Credit Card
Cleo Credit Card
Up to 7% cash back Reports to 1 bureaus
No credit score needed
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