Low Rate Pink Credit Card: a card to make a difference

community first low rate pink visa
0% p.a. for 6 months and low fees overall.

Did you know that you can support social and healthcare causes while shopping? Well, at least that’s what happens when you use the Community First Low Rate Pink Visa card, which donates part of its annual fee to the McGrath Foundation. It also has some perks, despite its simple and easy to understand premise. 

Maybe you aren’t someone extremely worried about helping charitable foundations? No problem, this card might also be a good fit for you. As a low cost and low-rates option, it offers a very competitive purchase rate that anyone can get behind. You’ll also have access to an intro offer for balance transfers that should really help you get back on track with those late credit card bills. 

The credit card also has pretty good reviews on the most important Australian websites. What do you think about giving a chance to this low-rate option that could change your finances for at least the first six months? 

Keep reading to understand how to apply, rates and fees and how the initial offer works before making your final decision. 

apply for community first low rate pink visa
Credit Card
Community First Low Rate Pink Visa
Donate for breast cancer 0% p.a. intro offer
8,99% p.a. after 6 months
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How does Community First Low Rate Pink Visa work?

Community First Low Rate Pink Visa is quite the straightforward credit card. While there aren’t any noteworthy benefits programs, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or a catch for its services, since there are none. This simple card is the ideal choice for anyone that wishes to make day to day purchases without worrying about sky high purchase rates. 

Even after its initial six months promotion you’ll have access to competitive p.a. That happens because this card’s objective is to keep users’ costs low and allow them the easiest time of the day when making a purchase. Other than that, it allows you to donate through your annual rate (that isn’t so high to begin with). 

Anyone who had bad experiences with their credit card balance should check this option out. The low rates apply for all of its main services, such as balance transfers, purchases and cash advances. So you’ll be able to enjoy the credit card no matter what your consumption habits are. 

It’s important to note that all three services we mentioned above are covered because it doesn’t happen so often. Most low-rate credit cards have either a great balance transfer p.a. or purchase p.a. and quite high interest for cash advances. This means that, for these other options, paying after your due date would create quite a problem. 

Understand the initial offer for Community First Low Rate Pink Visa

Community First Low Rate Pink Visa has an intro offer that gives you 0% interest rate for the first six months. Afterwards, any purchases and transferred balances will have a 8,99% p.a., which is relatively low when you compare even low-rate credit cards by other financial institutions. Why does Community First manage to keep these low values? 

The answer lies in the nature of Community First Credit Union. It’s what we call a mutual organization, also known as, a company that is owned by its members. So everyone that hires services from Community First is also one of its owners. That’s why they aim to keep low rates and easy access for everyone. 

While most other financial companies owe dividends to their shareholders, Community First’s profits are used for the, as the name says, community. That’s why some of its credit cards have annual fees that are partially used to help charitable enterprises. This is the case with the Community First Low Rate Pink Visa. 

In this case, the community aspect of the company is also reflected in its low rates. To keep the credit card feasible, the company gets lower profits but allows you to pay less when holding a balance or making purchases in installments. 

How can you help the McGrath Foundation with this card?

The McGrath Foundation is a charitable organization that aims to help patients with breast cancer all over Australia. Their nurses visit those who are struggling with this very common disease to provide physical, emotional and psychological support without any cost. 

Since their foundation in 2005, the McGrath group became one of the best known and respected charities to work with breast cancer in the country. It doesn’t matter if a patient is getting their treatment from public or private sources, this support is always there for them. 

The foundation has today supported more than 100.000 families. To keep this work going, they rely on corporate and individual donations from the communities where their nurses work. That’s why Community First Low Rate Pink gives 50% of its annual fees to the foundation. 

Such types of donations are an easy way to contribute and fight breast cancer. Remember that all annual fees from this credit card are partially reverted to donations. In that case, you can even invite friends and family to help out if a cause is close to your heart.

Main benefits for this credit card

Other than fighting cancer alongside the McGrath Foundation through donations of your annual fee, you’ll also have access to some more benefits, such as: 

  • 0% purchase rate for the first six months; 
  • 8.99% variable purchase rate for purchases, balance transfers and cash advances; 
  • Up to 1 additional cardholder at no extra cost; 
  • Free supplementary cards; 
  • Up to 55 interest-free days for purchases;
  • Low annual fee. 

As we mentioned before, while there isn’t much in the form of cashbacks or rewards, you’ll get a lot of value for your money through low interest and fees. 

Rates and fees for this card

Since we’re talking about fees, let’s check out some of the fees that apply for Community First Low Rate Pink Visa: 

  • $40 annual fee; 
  • 3% minimum monthly payment or $20, whatever is greater;
  • $30 over limit fee;
  • 8,99% interest rate; 
  • Late payment fee of $25; 
  • $1,5 duplicate statement fee; 
  • Foreing currency conversion fee 3%. 

As you can see, the fees remain quite low with this credit card. We just recommend you keep your monthly payments on autopay to avoid the $25 late payment fee and make your costs as low as possible. 

If you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident with a stable income you’re likely eligible for this credit card. Once you apply, the Community First institution should run a hard credit check, so it’s better to have a credit score to make your chances of approval greater.

apply for community first low rate pink visa
Credit Card
Community First Low Rate Pink Visa
Donate for breast cancer 0% p.a. intro offer
8,99% p.a. after 6 months
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