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unsecured destiny mastercard
The Destiny Mastercard doesn’t require a safety deposit and is available for all credit scores.

Are you among the millions of Americans who are facing problems with their credit score? While there are many ways to increase your scores, most of them take a lot of time and work to balance your financial life. One of the best ways to get there fast is to use what we call credit builder cards, such as the Destiny Mastercard. 

This credit card has a major perk for anyone who is struggling with their credit scores: reporting to all major reporting bureaus. Which means that, as you spend responsibly, you build a solid credit history. According to FICO itself, the credit history is an important part of what they consider for scores. So if you can use Destiny Mastercard over a few months, things should get better.

It certainly has a few more advantages to it, as you’ll learn in the article below. Are you ready to understand how to get better credit scores by using this credit card? We’ll explain everything, from APRs and fees to how to apply and get this card focused on poor credit scores. 

unsecured destiny mastercard
Credit Card
Destiny Mastercard
No security deposit Access you account 24/7
Poor-Fair recommended score
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How does the Destiny Mastercard work?

The Destiny Mastercard is an unsecured card aimed at people with poor credit scores. While many unsecured cards use the score as an important part of the application process, this one gives you the opportunity to build  a new history.

All that you have to do is try the prequalification tool at Destiny’s Mastercard website. It exists to allow those who have poor to fair credit to find out the probability of being eligible before ever getting a hard check on their credit score. 

If you still don’t understand that much about credit scores yet, we’ll explain quickly why this is so important. Most conventional cards make a hard check on your credit score before you even know if you’re eligible. This harms your score, especially if your numbers aren’t that high already. 

The prequalification process, on the other hand, uses a soft check. Which means the credit card provider can find out if you meet the eligibility criteria without leaving a mark on your score. 

Is this a secured credit card?

One way that credit card providers make up for the disadvantage of offering cards for those with poor scores is a security deposit. It serves as a sort of collateral for your credit limit and allows those who have no history and sometimes not even social security numbers to get cards. 

However, many people don’t have $200 or $300 saved up to get these cards. Don’t worry, Destiney Mastercard is an unsecured option, so all you have to do is apply and get your benefits. It also allows you to get a better score through responsible use, so after a few months you might even be eligible for some better unsecured card options.  

Main advantages of using the Destiny Mastercard

There is one important reason that will make you decide for the Destiny Mastercard: it reports your data to all three major reporting bureaus in the USA. These three companies, Equipax, Experian and TransUnion, are behind the scores that most financial services providers will use to determine your creditworthiness. 

The list of other benefits is a bit small, as you can see below: 

  • Prequalification process doesn’t impact your credit score; 
  • Online account access 24/7;
  • Monthly reports to all three major reporting bureaus; 
  • $300 starting credit limit; 
  • 25 days interest free period. 

You’ll also have access to all of the benefits of owning a Mastercard. This includes a zero liability policy in case of identity fraud. So if you’ve already been a victim of fraud or would like to prevent that problem, you can rest assured. Any purchases made without your consent won’t be considered as long as you report them to the credit card operator. 

Anyone who is looking for some rewards or cashback will have to look a bit harder. As is the case with most unsecured cards for poor credit scores, the Destiny Mastercard doesn’t come with such perks. 

Cons for this credit card

First of all, this is a credit card for people with poor credit scores. This means that the card provider is taking a huge risk, which reflects on the interest rates you’ll find a bit further into this article. So you’ll be subject to a fairly high APR, making it a bad idea to hold a balance with this credit card. 

The credit card annual fee is also a problem you should be aware of. It can be quite high, up to $99, and eat away at your credit limit. If that is a turn off for you, maybe it’s a better idea to look for a secured credit card that doesn’t come with any annual fee to bother you. 

Lastly, many users complain about the lack of rewards programs with this credit card. But we must explain that most cards of this category come with no rewards or points whatsoever, so this is actually expected. 

How to use the Destiny Mastercard to get better scores

The Destiny Mastercard is a credit building card that you should use responsibly. This means: make your purchases as normal, but avoid getting close to your $300 starting limit. Try not to hold a balance after your monthly due date, which could make your amount of debt higher through interest rates. 

APRs and fees for the Destiny Mastercard

We’ll be honest, the interest rates and fees aren’t the best in the market even among unsecured cards for poor scores. But you should evaluate your own situation before making a decision. Find out all of the APRs and fees below: 

  • $59-$99 annual fee according to credit worthiness;
  • 24,9% fixed APR; 
  • $40 late fee;
  • $40 returned payment fee;
  • 1% foreign transaction fee;
  • 29,9% cash advance APR; 
  • $0 cash advance fee for 12 months;
  • $5 or 5% cash advance fee after the promotional period.

If you’re over 18, then you can easily apply for the Destiny Mastercard using its official website. 

unsecured destiny mastercard
Credit Card
Destiny Mastercard
No security deposit Access you account 24/7
Poor-Fair recommended score
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