Disney Premier Visa

disney premier visa card
Enjoy Disney Premier Visa’s 0% APR intro offer.

Are you a Disney super fan? That means you likely make Disney related purchases often and try to visit the parks yearly, maybe even buying some souvenirs during your stay. Well, there is a way to keep doing everything you love and get some rewards and even points through it: using the Disney Premier Visa Card. 

If you’re used to Chase’s airline and hotel co-branded cards, then you already know what to expect from this offer. However, it’s a little different than your usual travel credit cards, especially when it comes to how you earn points and rewards. 

Either way, you might want to check out this credit card to get an even better Disney experience. We’ll explain the benefits, rewards and how to use the credit card to get the most amazing Disney vacations you could dream of. Keep reading to also find out APRs and how to apply. 

disney premier visa card
Credit Card
Disney Premier Visa
$300 intro statement credit 0% intro APR
1% rewards
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How does Disney Premier Visa work?

The Disney Premier Visa is a Disney only rewards card. It is completely Disney focused, that means that if you aren’t a fan of the theme parks, attractions and products, this certainly isn’t the rewards card for you. You can even get special financing for your next trip to these parks. 

Disney is all about creativity and freedom. That’s why this credit card calls so much attention, we mean this literally. Once you get approval to use this card, you’ll be able to personalize the plastic with whatever Disney theme or character you’d like. Are you a fan of Star Wars, The Lion King, Mickey Mouse or other iconical franchises? Show that even through your credit card. 

You’ll be able to get Disney Rewards Credits that can be used on any of the brand’s stores all over the USA and some airlines. There’s a lot to talk about this card, so let’s get started. 

Who is the Disney Premier Visa for?

While this credit card does have great rewards programs, its rewards aren’t really directed at day to day purchases. If you’re looking for cash back or points that can be traded in hotels, products and other items, this won’t really be the choice for you. 

You can get the most value for your money while shopping directly at Disney properties. So unless you really plan on taking a trip to visit the park or enjoy buying the brand’s products throughout the year, we don’t recommend this card. 

Main benefits for the Disney Premier Visa

Disney lovers might have their sights set on the Disney Premier Visa just because of the cool designs. While that is a valid reason, we’ll give you some other advantages of getting this credit card for your trip and every day purchases:

  • Special financing conditions for Disney vacations and visits;
  • Extra rewards for your everyday purchases that can be exchanged at Disney parks; 
  • Savings on most Disney purchases;
  • Personalized appearance for the credit card;
  • Low annual fee when compared to other rewards cards;
  • Have exclusive photo opportunities at Disney parks. 

As we mentioned before, this credit card is focused on everything Disney. For sure you can use it on other purchases, but the best will only come at Disney parks and stores. We’ll explain over the next topics how the rewards program works so you can make the best out of this card. 

Rewards program

When you read this credit card introduction at Chase’s official site you might mistake it for a cash back focused one. It earns you 2% of every purchase at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and Disney parks and stores and 1% on everything else. But this doesn’t come in the traditional way of a cash back. 

The 2% amount that you get back won’t come to you as statement credit or actual cash, but Rewards Dollars. These earnings are quite similar to other cash back credit cards, that usually offer about 1% or 2% on everyday purchases or select stores, according to the card you’re using. 


Thankfully, there’s an intro offer to sweeten the deal when it comes to the Disney Premier Visa. If you spend at least $1.000 during the first three months you’ll get a $300 statement credit. Unlike the other Rewards Dollars you earn using this credit card, the $300 as a reward can be spent wherever you want. 

If you get the intro-offer it easily makes up for the annual fee. 

Redeeming rewards

The redemption of Disney Rewards Dollars is probably the most limited part about this credit card. Instead of being able to buy anything you want across a variety of stores or airlines, there are only two ways to redeem them. 

The first one is the most obvious: you can use Rewards Dollars for Disney related purchases. This can happen inside Disney parks or partner brand stores. 

Otherwise, you’ll be able to get a statement credit for any purchases made at airlines using the Disney Premier Visa Card. This means that you must make the payment using the card for this option to be available. It’s a bit more bureaucratic and could discourage some users from attempting this way of redeeming rewards. 

You can also use your rewards online through the Disney official store. Other ways to use your Reward Dollars are: 

  • Star Wars and Disney movies in theaters;
  • Disney Cruise lines; 
  • Disney parks and resorts.  

Cons for the Disney Premier Visa

Despite being a rewards credit card, this offer by Chase is a bit limited. Most of the benefits happen when you’re at a Disney park or resort or purchasing your trip to one. This means that you can earn rewards with everyday purchases, but never actually use them in different ways. 

APRs and fees

There are also some APRs and fees to watch out for: 

  • 0% purchase APR for the first 6 months; 
  • 15,99% variable APR afterwards;
  • $49 annual fee;
  • 3% foreign transaction fee;
  • $5 or 3% balance transfer fee.

Are you eligible for this Chase product and a fan of Disney? Then you can easily apply for this credit card through Chase’s official website.

disney premier visa card
Credit Card
Disney Premier Visa
$300 intro statement credit 0% intro APR
1% rewards
Click here to Apply On credit card page
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