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Small business owners have many credit card options out there, but some are better than others. Usually, you’ll be after the best rewards, promotions, discounts or cash back categories in most of them. What if we told you there’s a chance to combine most of the pros you’re looking for in a single powerful credit card? 

That’s what the Divvy Business Card offers. You might’ve heard about the company before, after all, they’re experts at getting your management in order. Maybe, you even worked with this startup before. This is one of the reasons why this credit card is becoming one of business owners’ go to choice. 

You’ll find out that by combining the Divvy management softwares and credit card the results are even better. Are you getting confused? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything in detail below, as well as which rewards you’re signing up for with this card. 

Keep reading to understand how this card works, as well as its main rewards, interest rates and fees. 

divvy business card
Credit Card
Divvy Business Card
7 points per dollar for travel No annual fee
For small and medium businesses
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How does a Divvy Business Card work?

Firstly, you must have a Divvy account to be eligible for the smart card that this company offers. While it might sound like a hassle at first, this just means that you’ll have access to both solutions: the credit line and management software for small businesses. 

The company offers some useful tools for managing budgets and spending. The best part about using the Divvy Business Card is that your spending will be automatically processed by the software. There’s no need to keep recording your spending or even keeping receipts for later use, you’ll have access to it all later. 

As usual, there’s a catch: unless you manage to pay your balance in full weekly, you’ll have to face some higher than average interest rates. After all, this isn’t exactly a conventional credit card, it’s a credit line for small businesses. Which means that interest rates will start affecting your expenses in just a week’s time. 

Just to be safe, there are tools in the Divvy software that allow you to block overspending. Which allows small business owners to stick to their planning and make their business way more successful. 

Pros for using the Divvy Business Card

The fact that users can (and should) combine the Divvy Business Card with their spending management software is one of the main edges it has over most similar competitors. The system is easy to use and user friendly, allowing credit card clients to keep their business under the chosen budget and focus on the most important expenses. 

You’ll also enjoy the benefits we describe below when you use this credit card:

  • Great rewards potential if you pay balances in full weekly; 
  • No annual fee;
  • No hard credit inquiry at the moment of application (your score won’t suffer);
  • Employee spending tracking tools in the software;
  • Wide range of credit limits according to business size. 

The Divvy Business Card aims to offer a solution that adapts according to a business size and income. Which means that almost anything we mention here can get down or upsized according to the info you submit at the moment of application. 

There’s another pro we haven’t touched on yet: the virtual card. You’ll get immediate access once you sign up for Divvy and get an approval. 

Rewards for this credit card

We’re finally at the rewards portion of this article. The Divvy Business Card allows users to collect points as they spend which can later be redeemed as cash back, travel discounts, statement credits and other options. The rewards program includes:

  • 2 to 7 points on restaurants;
  • 2 to 4 points on hotels;
  • 1.5 to 2 points on recurring software subscriptions;
  • 1 to 1.5 points on all other purchases. 

Now things will get a bit more complicated, because you earn points according to how often your balance gets paid. If you keep paying your balance every week, you’ll earn the max points for every category. Let’s say you spend a lot on restaurants and hotels, this means 7 points per dollar all of the time, which is quite high when compared to similar cards. 

The 1.5 points that you get for all purchases is also quite the pro. After all, most cards of this type offer a flat 1 point per dollar of 2 points without any bonus category. If you use this credit card the right way, there’s a chance of getting a lot of rewards just through your day to day purchases. 

Are the rewards for the Divvy Business Card worth it?

The redemption options for the Divvy Business Card remain the same no matter how often you pay your balance. You can get cash back options, a statement credit, gift cards and discounts for travel that’s booked directly through Divvy. 

Here we come to one of the first problems with this credit card: there are no options for partner airline or hotel services. This means that anyone who’s looking to use this as a travel card will only have the choice to redeem through Divvy’s own services. 

Another problem with redeeming your rewards through Divvy is how little the points are actually worth:

  • 1 cent per point for travel;
  • 0,51 cent per point for cash back or gift cards;
  • 0,49 cent per point for a statement credit. 

Interest rates and fees

Since the Divvy Business Card attempts to simplify your financial life, there aren’t that many fees to worry about. The annual fee, for starters, is completely gone. But there aren’t any intro offers either when it comes to interest rates, so don’t get your hopes up. 

  • $0 annual fee;
  • Free employee cards;
  • 0,2% – 0,9% foreign transaction fee. 

Everything else is quite flexible. You can set your limits using the Divvy Business Card management software that’s integrated with your company’s finances.

How to apply

As you can see, this credit card has no annual fee and offers an interesting rewards program. You can apply easily by using the Divvy platform, but remember that you’ll first have to be approved for an account.

Afterwards, you’ll just have to offer some info about your business. Everything else is flexible according to your size and income.

divvy business card
Credit Card
Divvy Business Card
7 points per dollar for travel No annual fee
For small and medium businesses
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