First Access Visa Credit Card: A journey begins!

The First Access Visa is an unsecured card for those who want to build or rebuild their credit scores.

Sometimes all you need is an easy to use credit card that accepts you for who you are, or for what your credit scores are. It might sound like a simple thing, but anyone with poor credit scores knows that isn’t the case. Most credit card providers won’t allow people with FICO scores below 629 to get an approval. 

That’s why the First Access Visa is a great choice for those who are still starting out. It doesn’t use your credit score to determine who can and cannot get it. Instead, the credit card provider uses your income to debt ratio, which allows even those who never had a credit history to be approved. If you recently had financial problems that got your scores below the desired number it’s also ok, you’ll be able to start over with this card choice. 

Would you like to find out more about the First Access Visa card? Keep reading, because we’ll explain the main advantages of using this card for your credit score. We’ll also show you everything about the interest rates and fees that apply. This could be your chance to start building better scores and a great financial future!

Credit Card
First Access Visa
$300 starting limit No cash advance fee for 12 months
No credit history required
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How does the First Access Visa work? 

Let’s start with what everyone wants to know about the First Access Visa: this is not a secured credit card. Most options that you’ll find for bad credit scores are secured, which means you must make a security deposit as collateral before getting your approval. If you upgrade to a secured option overtime, you’ll get a refund of your money. 

While this means that you can get a credit card more easily, not everyone has $200 or $300 lying around and waiting to be deposited in this type of account. That’s why the First Access Visa is such an advantage: you can get it without depositing anything. However, this also means it comes with higher fees than most credit cards. So we recommend you check the fine print to make sure you won’t go over budget. 

Be aware that this shouldn’t be your forever card. It’s just a starting point on the way to a better credit score and you must use it wisely. Remember that there are high fees and after the first year you’ll also be charged a servicing fee that makes this quite the expensive credit card. 

Over the months you’ll be able to get a better score and might become eligible for other card options. So after getting the First Access Visa, plan your finances to get a better option in the next year or so. 

Can you get better credit scores with the First Access Visa?

Yes, the First Access Visa has that exact objective. It reports to all three major bureaus in the USA, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, every month. Which means that, as long as you pay within your due date, you’ll build a credit history fast. 

It also reports your other credit card data, such as limit use. This contributes to your credit utilization ratio, which is 30% of your score. Consider the 35% of your score that corresponds to credit history and you’re on your way to great numbers in just a few months. 

Certainly everything depends on responsible use. So be careful when you make purchases to avoid holding a balance or getting something you can’t pay for in the next billing cycle. Use autopay whenever possible and keep reminders of your due date so you won’t be late on your payments. 

Benefits of using this credit card

The number one reason for choosing the First Access Visa is getting your data reported to the credit reporting agencies. That’s what allows you to build a better score through simple credit card use (as long as you’re responsible, of course). 

But there are some other perks that you’ll enjoy after getting the First Access Visa: 

  • Easy and fast approval; 
  • No security deposit needed; 
  • $300 initial credit limit; 
  • 24/7 online customer support; 
  • No monthly servicing fee for 1 year; 
  • Customizable credit card. 

Sadly, you won’t find much when it comes to rewards or points with this credit card. But don’t worry, that is the norm when it comes to credit builder categories, such as the First Access Visa. Since they’re mostly focused on people with bad scores, providers rarely use rewards. 

Is there an introductory offer?

There is a type of introductory offer you can look forward to with this credit card. It isn’t something as glamorous as no interest rates for a few months, but it should help you get started. The First Access Visa has no monthly fee or cash advance fee for the first twelve billing cycles. 

Cons for the First Access Visa

There are a few problems when it comes to the First Access Visa. For starters, it’s an expensive credit card when you put all of its fees together (as you’ll see in the next topic), especially if you keep it for more than a year. 

While you have to pay a lot of fees monthly, there won’t be any rewards to make up for it. So you should consider carefully if this is actually the credit card for you. 

We also warn that there are high interest rates that could be a problem for you over time. 

Rates and fees for this credit card

You will find no shortage of fees for the First Access Visa. That happens a lot with unsecured credit cards for poor scores, as you can see below: 

  • $75 annual fee for the first year ($48 afterwards); 
  • 34,99% fixed APR; 
  • $95 sign-on fee deducted from your annual limit; 
  • $8,25 monthly servicing fee after the first 12 billing cycles; 
  • 20% limit review assessment (if you want to increase your limit after the first year);
  • $41 late and returned payment fee;
  • $10 or 3% cash advance fee after the first year;
  • $9,95 customized design fee;
  • $35 express delivery fee. 

As you can see, it isn’t cheap to keep the First Access Visa in your wallet. You can apply using the official website for the credit card provider.


The First Access Visa Card can be a valuable tool for building or rebuilding credit. Its easy approval process and no security deposit requirement make it accessible to many. However, the high fees and interest rates necessitate careful consideration and responsible use. It is ideal for short-term use to improve credit scores and move on to better credit products in the future.

Credit Card
First Access Visa
$300 starting limit No cash advance fee for 12 months
No credit history required
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