IHG Rewards Premier

IHG rewards premier card
IHG Rewards Premier is one of the best hotel rewards cards.

Sometimes people overlook hotel rewards cards, looking instead for airline credit cards that offer miles, such as the United Explorer. However, there are many benefits that you can get from those focused on hotels that can even surpass the airlines sometimes and according to your spending habits. 

You can even get some free nights on some of the best IHG hotel brands! So what are you waiting for before you get some of the greatest rewards for your trips? We’ll explain to you why the IHG Rewards Premier became one of our favorites and if it actually deserves a place in your wallet. 

Keep reading to find out everything about this card, including perks, advantages and rewards, as well as fees and APRs. We’ll also explain how to apply and who is eligible for this product and its intro offer. 

IHG rewards premier card
Credit Card
IHG Rewards Premier
140.000 bonus points 25 points per $1
690-850 Recommended score
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How does IHG Rewards Premier work?

This is a Chase and IHG co-branded credit card that is part of Chase’s many rewards products. So you should already know that Chase has a 24/5 rule, which means that unless you have had less than 5 Chase cards in the last 24 months, you won’t be eligible. If you meet this criteria, then please keep reading to understand everything about this card. 

Maybe you have your doubts about this card because IHG isn’t really a familiar brand to you. Well, this group owns a lot of hotels you probably already stayed in. Some more common names you can find around America, and even the world, are: 

  • InterContinental; 
  • Six Senses; 
  • Regent;
  • Holiday Inn; 
  • Crowne Plaza; 
  • Hotel Indigo; 
  • Others. 

We hope you liked the names on this list, because the benefits you get from the IHG Rewards Premier extend to all of them. There is also a great rewards program and intro-offer that you can take advantage of for a few more benefits or free nights. 

Main benefits for the IHG Rewards Premier

The IHG Rewards Premier works as a conventional hotel rewards card. You’ll automatically gain elite status at all of the hotel brands involved in the offer, as well as get some advantages over other guests. Some more highlights we enjoy include: 

  • 140.000 bonus points after spending $3.000 during the first 3 months; 
  • 25 points per $1 spent at IHG hotels and resorts; 
  • 5 points per $1 at select categories (gas stations, restaurants and travel); 
  • 3 points per $1 on all other purchases;
  • Get the fourth night for free when you book 3 or more nights using points; 
  • Get a free reward night at the anniversary of your account anniversary. 

As you can see, there is a strong rewards program for this credit card. Anyone who regularly stay at IHG Rewards Premier hotels will really enjoy these perks that more than make up for the card’s hefty annual fee. 

You’ll also have some conventional traveler’s protection when you make reservations with this card. This includes: 

  • Baggage delay insurance;
  • Lost luggage reimbursement; 
  • Purchase protection;
  • Trip cancellation or interruption insurance. 

Who is this credit card for?

While the rewards program is indeed great, it is most suited for travelers that stay more nights at IHG Hotels than any other brands. That is because the bulk of its points earnings happen when you make a reservation or purchase within these hotels. Otherwise, you’ll be subject to smaller earnings that might not be as attractive. 

Rewards program for the IHG Rewards Premier

We love some rewards after spending! That’s why IHG Rewards Premier has a special place inside most travelers’ wallets. It has a great rewards program that gives points whenever you purchase and some extra when you’re at an IHG hotel. 

You’ll get 10 points per dollar spent at IHG hotels and 10 extra points per dollar for being an IHG Rewards member. Not a member for now? Don’t worry, you’ll get signed up automatically once you get your IHG Rewards Premier. You’ll have 5 points per dollar as a bonus for Platinum Elite Status, which you also get with the card. At the end of the day, you’ll get 25 points per dollar spent at IHG properties, which is high for rewards cards. 

When you get the Platinum Elite Status you’ll also have: 

  • Priority check-in; 
  • Late check out; 
  • Complimentary internet access;
  • Complimentary room upgrades;
  • Dedicated customer service. 

Even if you don’t use IHG hotels that often, you’ll get at least 3 points per dollar spent on all purchases and 5 points per dollar for paying at gas stations, restaurants and other travel related expenses. 

Sign-up bonus

There’s another reason for this credit card’s attractiveness: a great sign up bonus. You’ll get 140.000 points as long as you spend $3.000 within the first three months of holding the card. The points are estimated at $0,5 each, which means that this reward is worth around $700. Some redemptions can get you even more value for your reward. 

Redeeming points

IHG doesn’t have a static chart for its hotel rooms, instead they stay dinamic. This means that you can’t be 100% sure of the value you’ll get for your points. It is estimated that the redeemed points are worth $0,06 or $0,07 each. 

Another important thing to note: if you redeem your rewards by booking at least 3 nights, you’ll get the fourth night for free. 

Cons for this credit card

The only problems we can mention for the IHG Rewards Premier Card are low rewards earnings for everyday categories. While you can get up to 25 points per dollar spent at hotels, you’ll only get 3 points per dollar for other purchases. 

You won’t be able to redeem rewards outside of the IHG hotels either. The points are mostly worth just for booking rooms in these hotels. Which means that someone who rarely travels won’t really be able to get a lot of value out of it. 

APR and fees

There are some fees and interest rates that apply for this credit card: 

  • $99 annual fee; 
  • 16,24% – 23,24% variable APR; 
  • $5 or 5% balance transfer fee;
  • No foreign transaction fee; 
  • 25,74% cash advance APR;
  • 29,99% variable APR; 
  • $40 late payment fee;
  • $40 return payment fee. 

You can apply through Chase’s official website.


In conclusion, the IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card is an excellent choice for frequent travelers who prefer staying at IHG hotels. It offers a robust rewards program with substantial points earnings at IHG properties, valuable benefits like a free night on your anniversary and a fourth night free on point bookings, and solid travel protections. The card also provides automatic Platinum Elite status, enhancing your hotel stay experience with perks like room upgrades and priority check-in.

However, for those who do not frequently stay at IHG hotels, the card’s value might be limited. Its lower rewards rate on everyday purchases and the restriction of redeeming points exclusively within the IHG network may not be as beneficial for occasional travelers.

The card’s annual fee is relatively moderate at $99, and while the APR and other fees are in line with similar cards, the overall value depends on how often you stay at IHG properties and how you plan to use the rewards.

If you align with the card’s strengths and frequently stay at IHG hotels, the IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card could be a valuable addition to your wallet, offering substantial rewards and benefits tailored to your travel habits.

IHG rewards premier card
Credit Card
IHG Rewards Premier
140.000 bonus points 25 points per $1
690-850 Recommended score
Click here to Apply On credit card page
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