Get to know the Nab Low Fee Platinum card

nab low fee credit card
Understand how Nab Low Fee can get you a 0% balance transfer p.a. for the first year.

NAB Low Fee makes it simple to hold a credit card and enjoy every benefit that comes with it. This is NAB’s card with the lowest rate, so it’s an offer accessible to almost all types of users out there. Were you looking for a card to use on your everyday purchases? Look no further because you found it. 

It comes with every other advantage you can see on NAB credit cards, such as quick application and approval. Once you get onto its website you can find out if it’s the credit card for you within fifteen minutes. 

The purchase rate is also quite low, making it a safe card to use often. Are you looking forward to finding out everything about this credit card option for Australians or Australian based people? Keep reading and we’ll give you further details on how it works, main advantages, where to apply and who can get access to this card.

nab low fee card
Credit Card
Nab Low Fee Credit Card
0% balance transfer p.a. $30 annual fee
Additional card holder with no cost
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How does Nab Low Fee Credit Card work? 

The plan is to keep it simple with a Nab Low Fee Credit Card. It has one of the lowest purchase rates available, which is enough to make it a great choice for many households. While many of Nab’s credit card offers include point reward programs, this won’t happen with the Low Fee choice. 

Since its creators aimed at people who rarely use points, its main attractive quality is the low annual fee. After all, why pay a lot for a credit card that collects points you’ll never use or even lose over time? 

There are also some initial offers that will help new credit card holders control their finances. You can find out more on the credit card’s official website or if you keep reading below. We’ll get into further details over the next few paragraphs so that you can make a more informed decision. 

About NAB Australia and its advantages

NAB or National Australia Bank, is one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted financial companies. It has units all over the country, as well as in New Zealand and other locations, coming up to 900 units spread across the world. As the company’s website states, it is a bank focused on its clients that aims to give only the best in customer support and services.

The bank currently aids over 8 million clients to manage their financial lives through conventional accounts, credit cards and savings accounts. If you’re an Australian resident there’s a high chance a unit is located nearby to give you only the best support. 

Currently, NAB is focused on establishing itself as a digital bank. This means that its app, site and help center are developing daily and allowing more people to get their doubts and problems solved faster. 

Nab Low Fee main benefits

NAB Low Fee’s main strength is simplicity. Card users won’t have to worry about collecting points or rewards or even paying a vast amount of fees every month. Find out why this credit card might be a good choice for you below: 

  • 19,75% purchase rate (one of the lowest you’ll find);
  • 0% p.a. balance transfer rate for the first 12 months; 
  • Interest free on purchases for up to 44 days;
  • $30 annual fee;
  • Add a card holder without fees or cost;
  • $1.000 minimum limit; 
  • 3 months insurance for appliances bought with the credit card. 

After getting this credit card you can easily save up on fees that are common with other types of card. So you can use your money to purchase products and services that really matter to you. 

Cons for this credit card

Be careful with the small print on this credit card contract! NAB Low Fee will give you 12 months without that pesky balance transfer interest rate, but the fees still apply. There is a 3% balance transfer fee that you must watch out for and that gets converted into a cash advance rate when it isn’t properly paid. 

As with any credit card, we strongly recommend you avoid holding a balance to keep the fees away. If you’re constantly transferring your balance, make sure to pay the months before the end of the month or before the first 12 month period so the rates don’t get even higher. 

After the first 12 months your 0% balance transfer rate, you’ll get a new rate of 21,74%. It’s the same as the cash advance rate and it can cause quite the financial problem if you’re not prepared. 

Who can apply for Nab Low Fee

Any Australian citizen or person holding a permanent residency Visa. You will NOT be eligible for this offer if you have one of the following Visas: 

  • Visitor Visa, unless you’re a New Zealand citizen;
  • Work Visa for exchange students or anyone taking a gap year;
  • Transit, short stay or seasonal visa. 

You’ll also have to prove you have permanent housing in Australia. Other than that, credit card holders must be at least 18 years old and have a good credit score. You’ll have to inform your financial details, including salary, pensions

Promotional offers for new credit card holders

This happens with many credit cards, you’ll get a promotional offer once you sign up and it has an expiration date. Be very careful with this kind of deal because trusting the offer for even a month after it’s ended will make you waste way more money than you planned for. 

If you’re looking for this card because of the 12 months special offer, pay attention during your application process. You’ll have to file for approval at this moment, failing to do so will make you not eligible for it. 

Who is this credit card for?

Nab Low Fee is a great choice for anyone looking for a card that is easy to manage, use and has few fees. It has most of the features you’d expect from this type of offer, such as contactless payment and purchase protection insurance. 

Once you get this credit card you can also use Visa Entertainment with special offers to shows, events, movies and others. Apply quickly through NAB’s official website.

How to apply for Nab Low Fee

You can apply for a Nab Low Fee Card as long as you are an Australian citizen or have permanent visas of any king. If you have a good credit score and history, apply quickly through NAB’s website. You’ll find out in 60 seconds if you’re pre-approved and be able to send every additional document in less than 15 minutos. 

nab low fee card
Credit Card
Nab Low Fee Credit Card
0% balance transfer p.a. $30 annual fee
Additional card holder with no cost
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