PCB Secured VISA

Build or rebuild your credit by keeping your balances low and paying all creditors on time every month.

With each passing day people want to have a credit card in hand to have more financial power, more advantages, a specific goal according to the user’s need, be it traveling with more discounts and advantages, receiving lifestyle benefits or simply having more credit limit and recovering credit score.

If you are looking for a credit card that can get you started on your credit history or recover your eroded one, plus more financial power and receive numerous forms of benefits, you are in the right place. The PCB Secured VISA is here to give you all that and more.

Are you ready to have your own credit card with many exclusive benefits? We explain exactly how the PCB Secured VISA works, its advantages, disadvantages and why it can be useful for you. Also read how to apply and other important information.

Credit Card
PCB Secured VISA
Super low annual fee 24/7 online account center
Up to $1,000 credit limit
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How does PCB Secured VISA work

When you have a credit card in hand, it comes with many features that may or may not fit into the life of the card user. The PCB Secured VISA is no different, it has features that can make your life even easier and most importantly, recover your credit history. Well, in this article I will tell you all the details of how it all works.

To start, it is good to talk that the PCB Secured VISA is aimed at people who need to start or recover their credit score, intending to have good, higher limits and more financial freedom. To use this card you need to make a cash deposit of $200 as security, where you can withdraw it later.

With this credit card you will get many facilities, besides having a low annual fee. After the first year, you can apply to increase the credit limit up to a maximum of $5,000, making your life easier. Finally, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the VISA flag.

Main Advantages of using the PCB Secured VISA

The PCB Secured VISA is here to help you experience the best opportunities in the world of credit cards, such as good credit limits, low commissions and good payment opportunities. Check out some of the advantages of using this card:

  • Fast application online
  • Identity theft protection
  • 24/7 online account center
  • No minimum credit score requirements
  • High credit line with secured credit lines up to $1,000
  • Low fixed purchase Annual Percentage Rate of 18.90%
  • After first year, ability to increase credit limit up to $5000
  • Credit reporting – the issuer will report all credit activity to the main 3 Credit Bureaus monthly

With the PCB Secured VISA in hand, you can enjoy all this and much more. The advantages of having this card are practical, especially if you need to regain your credit power and have a better credit score.

Disadvantages of the PCB Secured VISA

After knowing more about the PCB Secured VISA, knowing how it works and what are its positive points, it is good to recognize that it is not perfect. Therefore, it is worth checking its negative sides, so that you have a complete and broad view to decide on your choice.

One of the main downsides is that it requires a $200 deposit to start releasing your credit, which for many people is unnecessary, or even that the amount could be lower. In addition, there are some fees that you will have to pay, as well as the card’s own annual fee.

But, If you think this is the right credit card for you, there is an easy way to apply through the PCB Secured VISA.

How to Apply

After thoroughly analyzing how this amazing credit card works, the positives and its requirements, it is time to make the decision and apply for it.

To get the PCB Secured VISA, you can apply for it on the credit card’s own website and fill out the forms. Approval doesn’t take long, and you will soon receive a notification of approval or denial.

Credit Card
PCB Secured VISA
Super low annual fee 24/7 online account center
Up to $1,000 credit limit
Click here to Apply On credit card page
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