Standard Bank Blue Credit Card

Learn how Standard Bank Blue Credit can help you on a daily basis

Many people look for a credit card to have the facility to buy something and pay for it after several days, when they have the money to finally pay the bill. Others are looking for a complete type of credit card, with many rewards, perks, cashbacks, and more complex than a basic card.

In this case, Standard Bank Blue fits the bill as a basic credit card that offers the ease of good credit, 55 days interest free, and can pay with peace of mind. In addition, it is great for those who are just starting out in the credit world, as it creates a good credit history, as well as for those who already have other credit cards and need a good backup option.

You will find out how this wonderful card works in practice, its advantages, disadvantages, fees and everything you can do with this credit card in your hands. Are you ready to find out everything about the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card? We’ll explain it all from here on out.

Credit Card
Standard Bank Blue Credit Card
Credit Limit of R250,000,00 Earn UCount rewards when you shop
55-day interest-free credit
How to Apply You will remain on the current site

How does the Standard Bank Blue work?

If you are here looking for a credit card full of benefits, gigantic perks, countless rewards, lots of cashbacks and miles, I’m sorry, but Standard Bank Blue is not that card.

Now, if you need a credit card to build a good credit score and enjoy the good limit and experience it provides, or even, if you need yet another credit card for your spending, continue on in this article.

Standard Bank Blue is a simple, convenient and efficient credit card with a monthly service fee of R40.00. It is Standard Bank’s most affordable credit card, offering convenient everyday banking services such as transactions and banking.

We can also say that Standard Bank is a reliable bank and great for you to get involved with, as you will have security and be able to take advantage of an extra credit limit to enjoy as you wish, whether it is to add to your lifestyle or to cover your monthly expenses.

Therefore, we recommend that you learn about all the advantages and disadvantages included in Standard Bank Blue to make a great choice.

Main Advantages of the Standard Bank Blue

Standard Bank Blue is here to help you experience the best opportunities in the world of credit cards, such as good credit limits and the chance to increase your credit score. Check out some advantages of using this card:

  • Easy to apply for
  • Monthly fees are not expensive 
  • Can use the card to keep your savings in as well 
  • Monthly fees will depend on how much you spend on the card
  • Basic credit card option that you can get when you might need some extra money on hand
  • Free updates for transactions that take place on your blue credit card.
  • Get 55 days of interest-free credit if you pay in full every month.
  • Fees depend on how often and how much you spend on your Blue credit card.

In addition to all that has been listed, Standard Bank Blue also comes with basic travel insurance on the purchase of tickets made with it. Another good news is that whenever you want extra credit, you can get it through an app. Too good, isn’t it?

Once you have Standard Bank Blue in your hands, you can enjoy all this and more. The advantages of having this card are practical and efficient, especially for those who are thinking about building a good credit score or having more credit limit to use.

Cons of using the Standard Bank Blue

As explained earlier, Standard Bank Blue is a simple and basic credit card, meaning it has many drawbacks when we think about benefits, rewards, cashbacks and other special bonuses.

This credit card is not linked to any loyalty program, i.e. you do not accumulate points or miles. You also can’t get the benefits mentioned above, like rewards, cashbacks, discounts and everything else.

To close the list of cons of Standard Bank Blue, it does not have a credit card protection program guaranteed by the bank. You can even get this protection, but it comes at an additional price.

Fees for the Standard Bank Blue

Standard Bank Blue is a credit card that aims to make your life easier in providing you with a new and good credit option, having small or high rates, they will depend on how much you spend. Check some of them out:

  • Monthly service fee – R40,00
  • Initiation fee – R180,00
  • International transaction fee – 2.75%.
  • Cash deposits at a Standard Bank ATM – Free up to R3,000.00, then R10.00 per R1,000.00
  • Cash deposits at a Standard Bank branch – R18.00 per R1,000.00
  • International ATM cash withdrawal – R20.00 per R1,000.00 + 2.75% international transaction fee
  • Cash withdrawals at a Standard Bank branch – R20,00 per R1,000,00
  • Online transfers between accounts – R4,00
  • Transfers between branch accounts – R75,00

These are some fees that you will need to pay if you decide on Standard Bank Blue.

Credit Card
Standard Bank Blue Credit Card
Credit Limit of R250,000,00 Earn UCount rewards when you shop
55-day interest-free credit
How to Apply You will remain on the current site
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