Mortgage lender: best of 2022

Paying off a mortgage can require a monumental effort to save up and organize your finances, that’s why many people who go to mortgage lenders. Which isn’t exactly and easier choice, after all, looking for a lender is confusing at best, misleading at worst. That’s why we recommend you understand everything you can about these professionals before starting your search. 

With a quick Google search for mortgage lenders or brokers you’ll see thousands of results for the USA alone. There are many choices and each of them has their own interest rates, advantages and cons. You’ll also be able to choose between types of mortgage lenders, that can be individuals or corporations that specialize in the service. 

You can also use lenders in other situations, such as for a personal loan or student loans, but they aren’t of the same type. If you’d like to avoid frustrations on the process, it’s important to shop around for people who are specialists in mortgages. 

Now it’s time to start understanding the world of mortgage lenders, their services and how to choose the best. Remember that a mortgage is something that will accompany you through a good chunk of your adult life, so the choice is crucial. Keep reading to understand more about it.  

What are mortgage lenders?

Mortgage lenders are institutions or individuals who lend you money that must be repaid in monthly installments with interest. Of course these aren’t your usual loans, but home loans, so money that is only used to buy real estate. 

They can work for new purchases or homes you already own. In the second case we’re talking about refinances, which an owner can use to replace an existing mortgage that he couldn’t afford or had reached too high of an interest rate. 

Each lender has their own rates, fees, interest rates and repayment conditions. That also varies according to your credit worthiness. So if you currently have a bad credit score and would like to buy a home, it’s time to work on getting better numbers. Doing that before going to a lender is the best chance you have at paying less overall for your loan. 

Mortgage lender vs. mortgage broker

If you already started your research then you’ve come across a term other than mortgage lenders: mortgage brokers. These are intermediaries that work with you, the future homeowner, and the lenders. 

While they can help you shop for an ideal option, they don’t control the process at all. Unlike when you deal with the lenders themselves, brokers can’t offer you better payment conditions or lower interest rates. 

However, they are licensed professionals that can help you work through your mortgage loan. You should look for them in case you’re having trouble with documents or even counsel to get the best score possible for a loan. 

They are also a time saving tool. Instead of going yourself after each lender, you can use a broker who works for an independent company to do that instead. Just remember to work with licensed professionals only. 

Types of mortgage lenders

Not all mortgage lenders are born equal. You can pick and choose from a few options in the market and neither of them is perfectly right for everyone. Everything depends on your experience with the financial world, loans and credit score. 

Some of these choices will give discounts to some people or maybe better payment options. That’s why researching is so important before getting your mortgage. Choosing the right lender is the best way to save money and a lot of time. That’s why we describe each one in detail below. 


This includes large banks and a variety of mortgage bankers around the USA. They can work as a retail, which means they resell you services from other providers, or be direct lenders. When you close a deal with a bank, they’ll borrow money from short-term rates in turn to cover for your mortgage. 

Over time, these loans are sold to private investors. So far, these are the most common lenders in the USA, but you’ll see below that there are some other choices. However, you might want to start your research with these service providers. 

After all, banks tend to give better loan terms and payment options to those who already have a long relationship with them. Look for your bank first and maybe you’ll find that best solution quickly. Just remember that there’s a possibility they might sell your loan to a private lender. While that doesn’t change your terms, that does mean you’ll be making payments to another investor. 

Credit unions

These are what we call retail lenders. They work directly with consumers and don’t give services to any type of institution. Which means that there’s a larger variety of mortgage choices for you to make. 

Since they work directly with home buyers, they might also offer complimentary services, such as personal and auto loans. The credit unions and other retail lenders can often have some of the best interest rates in the market. Getting a loan from this type of service also means they’ll have a more flexible attitude when it comes to your credit history.

But that varies according to your region, service provider and credit worthiness, so it’s still good to shop around. 

Wholesale lenders

This is a big group of lenders including some banks and other types of financial institutions. Instead of working directly with you, the homebuyer, they use a representative to get you a loan. These are mortgage brokers, other banks and even credit unions. 

This means that, in the process of looking for the ideal loan, you won’t actually speak directly to these companies. But they’re the ones responsible for funding and servicing your loan and their names will appear on every document. 

Many big banks have two types of operation: retail and wholesale lenders. The main difference is that they usually sell the wholesale type after a short while. 

Best mortgage lenders of 2022

Finally, we get to our top picks for mortgage lender in 2022. You’ll find some private lenders and banks below that might meet your needs, especially if you already have a good credit score and history. 

1. Chase

Chase works with both mortgage refinancing and mortgage lending. You might already know them from a variety of credit cards, savings accounts and even other types of investments. If you’re already a client, then there’s a chance of getting a pretty good deal and it’s a good place to get started. 

If you’re in doubt, their official website offers the possibility of estimating monthly payments by using a simple combination of personal data and the house’s price. That way you’ll know roughly the amount of interest rates and fees you’re paying and up to how much a month you can go. 

Can we give you a tip? Record this estimate in a Word or Excel file and move on to our next pick. You can compare them later. 

2. Mr. Cooper

Mr. Cooper is an online mortgage provider that’s available for anyone that lives in the USA. It isn’t a bank, but has been around since 1994 offering financial services and loans to individual buyers. This means that it’s a trustworthy institution that can certainly take the appropriate care of your mortgage. 

There are many options of mortgages you can get with this mortgage lender. This includes some low down-payment ones that are ideal for those looking to buy an affordable first home. 

However, you might want to look out for their many servicing fees. If you don’t pay attention before closing the deal this mortgage could end up with a monthly payment that’s a little higher than expected. 

3. PNC Bank

PNC Bank is an online bank that offers mortgage loans to most types of credit scores. They have professionals ready to help you with the right loan choice, you can even come to them if you already have a home in mind and just need the right mortgage to buy it. ,

PNC also works with some refinancing options. So if you already have a mortgage, then there won’t be any problem at all. Find better payment options or spread your payments through a longer number of years to make each monthly amount smaller. 


This is another option of an online mortgage lender for you to check out. However, they don’t work only with bots, if needed there’s an option to talk to a human consultant at any time of the day. This is the best choice for anyone who avoids fees and commissions, but that doesn’t mean that the interest rates are also the best. 

On the other hand, there are no physical locations for customers to visit. So those who eventually feel they might need more robust support should look for other mortgage lender options. 

Better also offers mortgages through mortgage brokers. But their best offers are only available directly through their official website. 

5. Ally

Despite being a bank, Ally also works with retail mortgages. They have been working with direct to consumer loans since 2016 and already became one of our top picks for this list. You can get a preapproval using their website in less than five minutes! It also has some of the lowest fees on the market.

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