Differences between Nab Low Fee Credit Cards

Two cards are part of this product group: the Nab low fee card and the Nab low fee platinum card. Both offer different conditions in terms of payment of fees. However, one has more advantages and special services for the customer experience than the other.

Purchasing a low fee card is certainly a guarantee of a quality investment. Any of these products will make you feel like you are making good use of your money. Understand your priorities to choose the right card for you!

What does each card offer?

The Nab low fee card (1) and the Nab low fee platinum card (2) have some important differences that you need to know before making your choice. Let’s see what they are?

Annual fee and credit limit

(1) Has an annual fee of $ 30 and a minimum credit of $ 1,0000;

(2) It has an annual fee of $ 90 and a minimum credit of $ 6,000.


(1) Does not have complimentary associated insurances;

(2) It has seven complimentary associated insurances:

  • overseas travel insurance;
  • interstate flight inconvenience insurance;
  • transport accident insurance;
  • domestic hotel burglary insurance;
  • extended warranty insurance;
  • price protection insurance.

Lifestyle and entertainment benefits

(1) Offers NAB Platinum concierge services;

(2) Offers Visa Entertainment which has special offers for movies, experiences, shows, and events.

The description above shows that the Nab low fee platinum card is a more complete product concerning travel benefits, as it allows you to travel safely and enjoy the best experiences. If the customer’s profile is more focused on acquiring personalized services, but without so much coverage, the Nab low fee card is the best choice.

Now that you know all of this, we recommend that you think about it and get the card that will give you what you need. It is important to know how to direct where the money you earn from your work goes. Order one of the Nab low fee credit cards now and stop paying expensive fees for unforgettable experiences.

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