How to get a personal loan at BankSA

The BankSA has the personal loan you need. There, you have loan options in secured and unsecured modalities. For whatever you need, this bank has a product or service proposal. Count on them to fulfill that old dream or satisfy an important need.

Different loans have different features. Check out their website for information about rates. Talking about unsecured personal loans, you can borrow up to $ 50,000 and do it without an asset as security. In this mode, you can also redraw money from the amount you’ve repaid in case it’s necessary.

To hire a secured personal loan, in turn, you can offer your car as security for a lower interest rate. With it, you can borrow between $ 3,000 and $ 80,000. In this modality, it is also possible to redraw facility on variable rate loans.

Personal overdraft from BankSA

BankSA designed this product to offer funds to help you cover unexpected expenses. So, don’t worry if something unexpected happened in your routine because they offer you a credit limit of up to $ 20,000 (subject to approval). Read the information below and check out more details about this type of loan.

Key rates and fees

This type of loan has a variable interest rate of 14.99%. This rate is charged daily which means that the customer must pay the bank interest charges for each day on the balance owing on your account for the end of that day if it is a debit balance. Also, the monthly administration fee related to it costs $ 5 and the establishment fee is $ 0.


To be eligible for this loan, you must meet the following criteria: be 18 years old or over; have a regular permanent income before tax of at least $ 35,000 p.a .; be an Australian citizen or have a permanent residency visa; if you’re a non-resident, have confirmed employment in Australia.

Still, about the application, something that could help this process is, for example, if the customer is regularly meeting his repayment obligations for his mortgage, other loans, or credit card accounts. Another good tip to succeed in your order is not to make multiple applications because it can be seen as a red flag and reduce the chances of approval.

We believe it’s important to help people realize their dreams. A personal loan can make all the difference in carrying out your projects. In view of this, we are certain that BankSA is waiting for you.

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