American Express Simplycash Preferred Card

Credit Card
American Express Simplycash Preferred Card
Earn up to $400 Unlimited 2% cash back earn
Earn a maximum annual bonus worth up to $1,500 cash back
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In the world of business credit cards, finding the perfect fit that not only offers great rewards but also valuable benefits can significantly elevate your company’s financial management.

Among the array of options available, the American Express SimplyCash® Preferred Card shines as an exceptional choice for business owners looking to earn rewards and indulge in extra perks while managing their everyday business expenses.

With its emphasis on simplicity and rewards, this card equips its holders with the means to amplify savings and streamline their business operations.

Selecting the right credit card involves evaluating features that meet your business needs and financial goals. The American Express SimplyCash® Preferred Card makes this process easier by offering straightforward benefits and practical solutions designed for businesses looking to maximize rewards and gain extra value.

Whether you’re procuring office supplies, settling payments for essential business services, or covering travel expenses, this card furnishes you with the necessary tools and support crucial for optimizing your business expenditure.

To delve deeper into the advantages and potential limitations of the American Express SimplyCash® Preferred Card, let’s unravel what sets this card apart as the preferred choice for numerous business owners.

Maximize Your Business Spending with the American Express SimplyCash® Preferred Card

Pros and Cons


  • Earn Cash Back Rewards: Earn 3% cash back on eligible purchases in the category of your choice, and 1% cash back on all other purchases, maximizing savings on your business expenses.
  • Employee Cards at No Additional Cost: Add employee cards to your account at no additional cost, allowing you to track expenses and earn rewards on their purchases.
  • Purchase Protection: Enjoy purchase protection on eligible purchases, providing added peace of mind and security for your business transactions.


  • Annual Fee: The card may have an annual fee, which can affect the overall value, particularly for businesses with lower spending volumes.
  • Interest Rates: Interest rates may vary based on creditworthiness, potentially impacting overall card costs.

How do I know if the American Express SimplyCash® Preferred Card is the best credit card for my business?

Deciding whether the American Express SimplyCash® Preferred Card aligns with your business requires a personal touch, understanding your unique spending habits and financial situation.

For business owners aiming to squeeze out every ounce of savings and rack up rewards on their day-to-day expenses, this card throws open a treasure trove of benefits and perks.

The chance to earn cash back rewards on select purchases in a category of your choosing, coupled with the inclusion of employee cards at zero extra cost and purchase protection, makes the American Express SimplyCash® Preferred Card a darling among businesses eager to fine-tune their spending and cut down on expenses.

Yet, it’s crucial to factor in elements like the annual fee and interest rates when weighing the merits of the American Express SimplyCash® Preferred Card.

If your business operates on a smaller scale or doesn’t necessarily require all the bells and whistles this card offers, these considerations might tilt the scales when assessing its overall value.

Why do we like the American Express SimplyCash® Preferred Card?

Business owners adore the American Express SimplyCash® Preferred Card for its straightforwardness, promise of rewards, and treasure trove of benefits, all geared towards helping them fine-tune spending and cut down on expenses.

Imagine earning cash back rewards on purchases that matter to you, all while enjoying perks like free employee cards and purchase protection, adding an extra layer of value and security to your business ventures.

Whether it’s stocking up on office supplies, jet-setting for business trips, or settling bills for essential services, this card is your trusty sidekick, offering the tools and support necessary to boost savings and smoothen out the rough edges of your business operations.

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