Financial astrology: is the future of investments in the stars?

Some financial astrology aficionados will argue it’s one of the safest ways to guarantee returns. It’s especially popular in the stock market and could provide you with a way to choose investments for yourself or clientes. Get ready to unveil the secrets of the stars in this guide to financial astrology and keep reading to check your horoscope for the year. 

Where did financial astrology come from?

Although stock market brokers might have used one form or another of financial astrology for decades, it was W. D. Gann who made the term popular. He was a New York City based broker that researched astrology and natural sciences’ influences on the stock market back in the 1900s. 

Back in the day fortune tellers were forbidden in NYC, which made it difficult for W.D. Gann to propagate his findings. However, once the Great Depression came, it was hard to keep the knowledge hidden. Specialists and researchers started applying astrology to the economy at large, not only investments. Some went as far as to claim that planetary cycles were key to avoiding a new recession. 

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In 1941 Edward R. Dewey, chief economic analyst at the U.S. Commerce Department founded the Foundation for the Study of Cycles to keep track of this information. Soon advisors started to focus on predicting price movement of the financial market or individual stocks for investors. 

How does financial astrology work? 

There are a few ways of applying financial astrology depending on whether we’re talking about the market in general or looking for a personal investors’ interests. In the first case, specialists analyze the movement of the stars to understand periods of recession or see when the market starts to warm up. 

When it comes to personal finances, it helps to analyze both the influence of the stars on the market and individual shares an investor wants to buy. There are analysts that use complex charts to understand where an investment is going, so that clients can make a more informed decision. 

There is even a possibility that astrologists can read the map from specific companies using financial astrology techniques. 

Financial astrology also compares historical events and the present

So far you might’ve thought that financial astrology only guesses a person’s luck on certain investments. However, there is certain logic to their work, since they go back decades to analyze the alignment of stars during certain historical events. There are even professionals completely dedicated to reading current trends and publishing them online

In 2012, for example, many news stories talked about how the Mayan Calendar predicted the end of the world and catastrophic events. They forgot to mention, though, that astrologers had been denying this by mentioning that planets and current events alike predict a good first half of the year. Which they guessed right. 

Historical events make astrology predictions a lot more accurate. Crossing information, between what the planets show and what came to pass in history, we can predict the near future. For investors, that is a way to try to make decisions before trends actually start. So that they can get the best stocks and investments early, before prices have syrocketed. 

Market prediction beyond financial astrology 

Astrologists and fans of financial astrology claim that using this strategy profits can be maximized greatly, as well as reduce risks. While many investors understand the market deeply, they still miss the instinct that allows them to buy and sell at the best possible time. 

Many researchers already defended that the market moves in trends and cycles. Using astrology is nothing more than a way to predict this movement for your benefit. But don’t believe that those are the only trends that could influence buying and selling stocks. 

There are a few more behavioral trends that could impact the market! We listed a few below so that you can start to understand a bit more about this area, that is sometimes more than just logic and numbers. 

1. The stock market works better on sunny days

Did you know that the sun affects our mood and even our decision making? That’s probably why some American researchers found that on sunny days the market tends to perform better. Does that mean you should only invest when the sun is out and shining? Not exactly, but it can help you in times of doubt about an investment. 

2. Stock returns are worse during full moons

Even the moon seems to have certain impacts on investors and stock returns! Research in the University of California shows that during days around a full moon stocks tend to return less than in days around a new moon. Why does that happen? No one is really sure and we’d need more research to find out, so take this information with a grain of salt. 

Just like the sun, daylight has bodily functions, such as regulating hormones and our mood. Apparently, it also can alter the results of your investments a bit. Research indicates that the results of the stock market vary according to the amount of sun a country receives during fall and winter. 

Can financial astrology go wrong? 

Financial astrology certainly can and has been wrong many times. While famous astrologers often claim to have a near perfect fortune telling record, they are never 100% right. They explain that the planets have a huge influence on the world, our personalities and even finances, but they aren’t everything. 

There is a lot of human behavior and proper market behavior that is completely random or depends on different data. That’s why great investors take care to receive information from many sources. They must understand the market deeply, see suspicious movements, predict problems and changes and can also trust in an anthology advisor every now and then. 

It’s the combination of knowledge that does the trick. Investing in the trade market is a game of chance a lot of the time, so it helps to have something that guides your decisions, even if it’s the stars. But leaving all your fortune (or possible fortune) to chance can be messy. 

Financial astrology for 2022: check your horoscope

As we prepare to invest a lot in 2022, it’s a good idea to find out more about your financial astrology horoscope. Yes, there are predictions for each sign that are worth checking out before you make any big decisions. But, as we said previously, it’s also important to consider other sources of data. 


Get ready for a year of financial stability! The signs are aligned for anyone that wishes to get rid of their financial troubles or make valuable purchases. It’s the time for buying a car or real estate, just make sure that it’s a worthwhile investment. 


2022 is a year for success when it comes to accumulated wealth and money. That means that long-term investments and low-risk options are your best friends, since they allow you to keep earning without putting your assets at risk. 


The stars point at sudden financial gains starting in March. If you haven’t invested in anything yet, now is the time, since things are looking up for your returns in the future. Bet on multiple sources to keep better your chances and consider giving real estate a chance after the middle of the year. 


Did you ever think about renting out your place or starting passive income through a rental business? That is a good idea for the year, as well as investing on your current assets to make them more valuable. Which means that getting a home equity loan for renovations isn’t such a bad idea either. 


Getting a business partner could help you improve your earnings in the year, as long as you do your research first. It’s also the time to invest in real estate, but not without help. Look for an advisor to get started. 


You should start getting a lot of financial aid from family and friends, which means opportunities to invest or start a business. Just be careful not to compromise your emergency savings since there could be extra costs on health. 


It is not the year to invest in business, be it a new venture or just attempting to grow your current one. There could be a lot of unexpected spending around March, but after that month things should get more stable. After the middle of the year feel free to look for real-estate and low-risk investments. 


Despite stable cash flow this year, you might find it a little difficult to save up. That’s why it’s important to get rid of current debt before you start any investment in stocks or shares, which is recommended around July. 


Either March or April should be a great month, since there are clear signs of a promotion or increase in earnings. Since your financial situation improves, you can use the opportunity to invest in foreign trades or choose long-term investments. Be careful with impulsive financial decisions, it’s also  time to save. 


This is a year to invest, not spend! Be careful and keep an emergency reserve, since there could be unexpected spending around February. However, your income should be stable so your year can go by very comfortably. 


Your income should remain stable and you’ll have some breathing room to think about investments. Long-term ones are ideal to start planning for the future, especially if you’re able to stay grounded as you make your decisions. 


Investments from the past will start bringing the profit you dreamed of for so long. Don’t take shortcuts and use your earnings to invest in more long-term assets, such as real-estate.

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